Poems and Rants


Yes, I write poetry,
and sometimes sleep off
to avoid awkward interaction
when my mood takes a plunge.

I write self-messages on paper
and stick them on my walls
so they remind me to smile
whenver I’ve stumbled.

Yes I dream to have inexhaustible
balance on my flipkart account
so I can buy Lang Leav and Ruskin Bond
without thinking twice.

And I have two mugs of coffee
On Sunday mornings not to
awaken myself but Just
because I love the taste.

I like staying up at night
thinking about things
that I may forget the
next morning, nonetheless.

I love colour fine-liners
And I hate the fact that
I need to buy the whole pack
even if one gets over.

I’ve noticed we run out
of money and even energy
but that barrage of tears
is ever-ready for use.

I think people should
not be judged when the
speak their mind out,
at least somene does.

Glow in the dark stickers
and rain splattering on my
window, headlights, nightsky
keep me from sleep.

Raw mango, squash and crushes,
Ice lollies, water fights
and children running around in
undies is Summer.

And freedom is love.
You cant restrain it.
You can’t instigate it
You can only feel it.

love always,


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