When troubles strike…


I spent an hour googling all sorts of links until my friend showed me the easy way in seconds… I finally possess Pharrell Williams ft Daft Punk ft Stevie Wonder – Get Lucky Grammy 2014’s audio. And its on replay on my laptop with two other versions of the same song. Maybe I’m in love with the beats. Or I just love the guy with the hat and capris for his attitude and the Smile! I’m like that…if there is something I wan’t and if I know I can get it, I’ll go to any length to get it.

Well, last week was spectacular thanks to Rachana 2014 Parikrama being pulled off awesomely by our class. Its a farewell come fresher party for the junior-most and senior-most batches of the Department. And oh how beautiful we made the place look…and what Fun! Everything was complete…including the breath-taking lantern ceremony. Memories made 🙂 Pure love flowed man!

And well the rest of the past weeks have been pretty stressful and um, awful for reasons of their own. And I’ve barely started fixing them. But I’m in the mood to shut away my troubles and escape reality with music and re-reading the Bartimaeus Triology by Jonathan Stroud along with Maharaja in Denims by Khushwanth Singh. ESCAPISM, you’ll all call out to me. Phasing out, I’ll reply.

I think I’m done dealing with shit I can’t fix. There are these little burnt bits and blotchy parts that I would more than love to express in gory detail to everyone but alas, privacy is a thing and I have to face the people who are actually part of my immediate circle who may (definitely will) get offended. Haha, can’t have that now, can we?

By now  Up All Night to Get Lucky in Daft Punk’s techno music has entered the cortex of my brain.

A Night out (that turned all sticky and stinky) with friends, sleeping like a troll, talking (worst), thinking (a shade darker than worst)…none of it helped, yet. Next lined up are RETAIL THERAPY (where in I spend on essentials like  my Architecture paraphernalia, fruits, household needs, etc); a run in my new Reebok tracks with my new playlist, painting my room, cleaning it and doing laundry are lined up next. All mood changers…affordable and productive. And doesn’t end up in seeing someone barf in a bucket right before you sleep.

Also, I experienced a lot of awesomeness midst all this jamboogaaza of confusion…I watched these really nice movies you must check out if you haven’t already. Everything is Illuminated, Midnight’s Children, BOOK THIEF, Letters to Juliet, We Bought a Zoo, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Reader, etc. Such movies change your perspective on a myriad of things. Like Yourself and what you expect of life.


So I have come to a little conclusion concerning a few major issues. If people wan’t to leave you alone, you should let them. Don’t make a fool out of yourself hoping to make it upto everyone. Funny part is, that person’s the one who used to always tell me, You can’t always make everybody happy. Well, Boss, you were right. Good riddance 🙂

Secondly, try to fall in with Newton’s Law of Equal and Opposite reaction. Don’t give too much importance or overly care to a person who does not reciprocate at all (when he/she actually can). I know the mind has always got to fight this World War XYZ between letting go  and  holding on. I battle that everyday. And guess what, I choose to LIVE FREE. I’ll attract what comes my way instead of roping stuff forecefully inside. So, I’m letting go. If there is a fire, I’ll warm my hands and if there isn’t any, I’ll light my own hearth instead of hauling myself over the coals over small issues, instead.

The choice is always Yours. Choose freedom and happiness instead of going in circles and chasing pavements that lead nowhere.

I’ve decided to be Happy and screw whatever happens. My main aim is to live my life to the fullest and answer my Calling. Heck, you’re here for solely that.S top searching for love, its the most pitiable state yopu can enter. What has to come, will come in its own time. So relax,strike a pose and smile!

And its okay to cry if the shit hits the fan. It really is, it does not make you any weaker. You are human after all.

Oh and my Bestest Friend with all his super mojo love and happiness is coming to town this Thursaday and I couldn’t be more excited 😀 !

Always here for y’all 🙂

Arrividerci. By the way, you can email me for personal posts, sharing playlists or anything. Ciao 🙂 



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