Bleak Visions


Sadness…don’t we just love to dwell in it…pity our situation? Analyse the intricacies of the Why? How? When?  until every fiber of our body is writing in agony.
When you clearly know You Can’t get that, you still wan’t to indulge in being sad about not getting it until some other good or bad event changes your current predicament or the other party relents to your wishes.

Pretty strange the mind can act. First you want it so bad you go out of your way to get it, once its all yours in the most beautiful way, you find some crazy problem thats running in your parallel universe to come and spoil the sanctity of whatever it is that you dote upon, until you push it away. Far enough that it never comes back. Sometimes there areno second chances and it effing hurts but that’s how life’s become for you.

And now, because you’re writhing in pain of the loss you just can’t move on andbe happy. Everything becomes a sad joke or low blow. And the memories sting the most. Like shards of broken glass. The broken dreams. And you either suffer or try to run away from it.

Gasping for breath. A chance to set things right. Or patience…just to see if there is anything else worth yearning and working ahead for.
But life moves on , they say.
What if you just dont want it to? And still persist.
You love certain people and things a lil too deep to just give up on them.

love always,


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