Love Free

We tend to overload the word love with a million expectations and price tags. Thats when it loses its magic.

Be it family, friends or a single person…never bind your affections with conditions, expecting reciprocation. Because no two souls are similar, nor are their experiences and responses. And that’s why they don’t see things the way you do. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t worthy of your love. Everybody is worthy of oodles of love and care.

With time and mutual experiences, our patterns begin to fuse together and overlap…and thus we synchronise into something beautiful. No discrepancies occur then. While we wait to reach that point of fluidity in a relationship or friendship, we should be patient and unconditional.

Be free. Let your loved ones feel free. True love always comes back to you. Words, experiences and memories are always anchors that bring the most lost soul back home. Your affection is the north star for your significant other. Never lose hope on someone you think you can’t forget with the tides of time.

Arrividerci 🙂


love always,

2 thoughts on “Love Free”

  1. I love your message…My wife is extroverted, and I a shy introvert, but I never tried to control her, because that is why I love her, the freedom in her love, makes me free each day. I trust and believe in her, and one thing I know though we are different in a lot of ways, like Prince’s song, I know she would die for me, as I would for her! Love is the most priceless of treasures and what makes it that way is when it is genuinely selfless, the freedom within blossoms and fills all with it joy! Again thanks my sister for the awesome message…God bless you always!


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