Love Oneself

Love Oneself

Now I don’t care if you’re tall, stout, petite, pear-shaped,wiry, lanky or whatever. I don’t care if your husband/boyfriend/lady loves you or not. I don’t care if your Bonnie Girl fancies another man while sitting next to you. I don’t care if your parents call your brother the Better-Made!
I don’t care if you’re having Doc-Hulk transformation…I especially don’t care if you’re rich or poor.

I only care for ONE THING : Do You love yourself or Not?

That is the only question that should matter to you. People can be opportunists or some just like avoiding the emotional drama altogether…and that is why
‘What They Think Of You Is None Of Your Business’ – Jack Canfield.

Be selfish for once. Yes, I’m advocating that today. Care for yourself. Love your flaws…they make you unique. I’m not going to layer you with anymore cliche’d dialogues, Bub.

This is just a reminder to your beautiful soul that you are no less than that perfect employee or top of the class student, jock, famous friend or rock star-on-stage. W e all have the same life force and ability to dream.
So, Be happy and it will all fall in place. Yes, I love you, too.



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