Stars align. Coffee Spills. And I sleep.


Experiences in life fine tune you to figure out what to expect from the future. Sometimes you just wish you had not done that particular thing…like ordering for an expensive pair of shoes that bit you later; going easy on your assignment; getting into that relationship you fell out from; hurt that person who always had your back; drunk that certain vodka that made you barf etcetera.

Entering the College Phase entitles you to many such experiences with or without your consent and you just need to get with it. 


Sometimes you just take a decision with a moment’s of consideration…and those may be crazy and end up badly but they always teach you a lesson. So think before you jump into the mush pool. Because once you’re in, you’re in for good. And you’ll come out all goofed up.

Sleep is your best friend.

Then there are these adventures you go to…where you see breathtaking places, meet people from foreign countries who tell you that they worked in Warner Brothers and then became Postmen in Swiz Mountains. And you are left thinking , ‘Is he joking?’ and you look at their confident and kind face and you almost want to believe them as they say Namaste and leave you to do your work.

Cell phones can be a bitch. Too many misunderstandings and slander happens there. Keep it as far as you can like most peace loving people do. The one thing I find myself do a lot when I have nothing else to do is check my email. Its way better that whatsapping estranged contacts in the hope to find something you lost. Don’t go to those territories…they are zoned red. And whenever there is too much draw…use the Block option. There is a reason its use is left to your discretion. Changing wallpapers can be therapeutic…so can Pinterest and Snapchat. Sometimes you need that perfect, jobless escapade so that you avoid binge eating or another jolly 5 hours of napping.

Laundry is a creeper cum snake. It grows by the hour and if you don’t get to the task, you’ll be surprised to wake up on a bed with dirty clothes in heeps all around you. And oh, I’m not even joking now. Its ready to coil around your throat and strangle you once and for all.

Choose friends over crushes. For a safe landing. Just saying. Never make decisions under the influence of your heart if it involves people. Good times can be had with anyone. What matters is …that everybody should have it. 

Money and Expenditure is…quicksand. You’re 2k rich and suddenly there are bills, trips, birthdays, fares and by the end of the week you’re at the verge of bankruptcy.

Making to-do lists only work if you are in the habit of checking them periodically to strike off tasks you’ve completed. Or else its just as useful as one of the poems in the Lord Of The Rings book. One too many of them, eh?

Reading John Green books…always a great investment of time. Filter coffee is the best motivation to wake up early in the morning. And tweeting with #fitspiration does not help you lose the extra flab. You have to actually work out the postures you see on Pinterest.

Never get carried away by music. If a lovely song is playing…Do not, I repeat, DO NOT associate it with a person, ever. Because if things go awry between the two of you…you’ve lost a good song.

Stitch your lips if you can’t keep everything that runs in your head between your brain and tongue. Or else someone will paint it all over your face.

Roll with people who get your weirdness. The others can go smell socks.

Do not get affected by what moody and sociopath people say. It never good to label people but I’m just giving you an example. Some people just strike at the wrong places where it singes the worst. Those are times you label them as HAZARDOUS or FATAL in your head. So yeah, stay away.

Do not drink if you don’t know where you’ll end up. People made coca cola for a reason. Same applies for smoking…plug into easy-going music and go for a run. Everybody starts this shit to look cool and they get burned in the end. Charred, actually.

Live life

Never over think issues. What’s done is done. Don’t mull and ponder over it until every cell in your body turns black.

Socialize. Don’t be the weirdo that always stays locked up in his or her room. No good has ever come out f it. Get out of your comfort zone. Im not asking you to become crazy and go overdrive. Just interact with people that you live with.

Never do something you can’t tell your parents within the next 6 months! It always spells P-E-R-M-A-N-N-E-N-T     D-A-M-A-G-E.

Have coffee. Have bath and everything should be fine.

Basically, these are a bunch of guidelines which should get you past most of the rough stuff.

Dive only if there is depth.

Always enjoy what you do and that should solve your troubles. Make friends who really rock your world. Please stop finding and falling in love hopelessly. You’ll be surprised people can shock you if you get too close. Like urgh. Barf. Just be polite with strangers. If you’re feeling tipsy, go to bed. And dream of rainbows. Its better than ending up on the couch on the roof.

Hope you’re having a great time. Watch awesome movies that change you :

Amelie, Midnight in Paris, The Science of Sleep, Julie and Julia, Run Lola Run, David, RED, Silver Linings Playbook, Harry Potter, LOTR, Little Manhattan, Due Date, The Other Guys, PS I Love You, perks of Being a Wallflower, The Notebook and blah blah 

😀 You’ll be fine. Love yourself and the reason why you exist. 




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