These clouds will be
Blown Away into oblivion
And the skies will glow
Like the fire in a Hearth
As Apollo and Artemis fill
the canvas with shades,
Dark and Bright.

Your tears will one day
turn to lessons you’ll
keep close to your heart
And all that matters will
Turn to gold while
The Worthless will fade away
Into Nothingness and forever.

Your dampened soul
Needs some warm light
A brisque walk in the dark
A mug of warm cocoa
A soft blanket with patches
Poetry to soothe your soul
And company that strengthens you.

These little ornaments in life
are cherished more than the
most expensive diamonds
Coz though it may shine
Brighter than the moon.
Its core is nothing but
Cold and heartless.

But these trinkets of joy
will forever guard your
essence and soul
with tiny specks of warmth
and love in bundles aplenty
And keep you safe
from the whistling winds.

So value the Priceless
virtues of life
And dream about the things
That actually matter
Dont chase pavements that lead
nowhere and start following
the stars and crickets!

Fill your life
With Love and Glitter.
Invite your loved ones
And allow them to paint your
Life with beautiful colors
While you standby and watch them
Make your stories, immortal.

love always,


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