New Year – Literally


I may as well tell you that I’m the type of teenager who got sloshed up with gin and tonic (or even a Breezer), wore expensive shoes and danced all night at an awesome club with friends who love me lots. The truth is, I’m the teenager who emptied an entire nutella jar (in one sitting), browsing new year images on weheartit and pinterest; watched movies like Bend It Like Beckham (just for the hero), Pirates Of The Caribbean (that’s like my new year ritual since ninth grade), We’re the Millers and an episode of Downtown Abbey that I found in my assorted collection. Also I wore a loose tee and my fishermen capris with my hair tied up all wrong. But I was happy. I got to talk to everyone (almost) I love a lot (despite my network being jammed for like two hours), make a million resolutions in my head, text people I don’t have a reason to text otherwise, get starstruck by excitement, pray wholeheartedly for awesomeness, realize the importance of family on new year’s (sometimes I guess they just like doing fun stuff without me, humph)  dance like a mullah with my friends in PJ’s to David Guetta and Avicii while fairy lights glimmered in the dark. Later in the day, I indulged in some guilty lunch with Cholle- Bathure at a senior friend’s place with all my buddies. And I was back to my spexy laptop until 5 AM watching my favorite movies…(read Pride and Prejudice : Kiera Knightley version). Also, I listened to my selected French Clips…I just love listening to french despite my 1 understanding of the language. Quirks, you see.

I also managed writing a few lines of a story which I dunno is headed where…(I actually have millions of such loose threads in a myriad of folders in my documents)…and study a bit just for the sake of it being New Year’s First day (in coherence to the popular belief that you’ll do what you do on this day, throughout the year, most diligently and unfailingly) … Now don’t I wish I had gone horse-riding or something like that, eh? Or gone shopping to Brigade or Chinese Food with close buddies (Oh, imagination !) But sacrificing good stuff for something better is more than worth it, love. 

The philosophy behind this is that I have a hard time getting over excitement. And with exams on my birthday week…its better if I work now and contain my joy or else I cant enjoy my NINETEENTH BIRTHDAY! You see, I do things with a reason. 

One thing I’m happy about is, last year…especially the last 6 months gave me some amazing friends, mad memories, extra pounds, ideas and lessons that I could write about all year long. All I can think about, for this year, is more progress, building upon the pedestal I’ve reached, more fun and partying, more glossy pictures and quotes to live by and a few dreams coming true. And a lot of glitter. Never forget glitter and lights! 


Also, I need to start thinking about my EXAMS and my 19TH BIRTHDAY which if you forget, you’re going to get haunt-mails. Not something you want from moi. Its one of my areas of expertise. I wish I could spend it in a foreign location trying actual good quality wine but um, it coincides with my first exam… History of Architecture. Not so cool. But that’s okay. I hope I get to ‘Rave, Repeat’ later.

Seriously I’m expecting a lot of Raving this year. And I cancelled on an awesome rendezvous with this awesome Architect guy in the coming week thanks to Dad’s idea of spending more time before studying. Sounds legit but me is not so happy about cancelling plans that are hard to get back. Anyway, the guy is not such a big deal. So, whatever.

Then I’m secretly hoping my folks and buds have something planned for my 19th. If not, I don’t blame them. Exams screw up the best of us. Ah, well. On brighter fronts, vacation begins on 16th and then there is a trip to Hyderabad…the land of cheap books, Biriyani, Burgers, Baigans and amazing spots! Hahaha :p

And there is NASA to look forward to. Fingers Crossed. And Christ in Feb :*

And HALCYON, our college fest. And VTU Fest, hopefully.

That’s all the blitz part. 4th semester is very important design-wise so I cant fool around much. I can’t play tag this time. I gotta do some serious shit to impress jurors.

Also I dream to go to Kolkata and Pune this year. Let’s see how things map out. Travelling always excites me. Especially when there is a priz hanging at the other end. And opportunities galore.

Anyway, its time I take a quick nap (coz I’m sleepy for no reason and its a holiday) because there is a Coffee meet later in the evening and some supply-shopping. Exam month excites me… stationery shopping being one of its perks. 

I hope you have a blessed year ahead. I promise to come with some soul-warming and crazy posts later this year. In your worst days picture yourself in some Asian town, wearing cotton clothes and a straw hat, comfortably sitting in an armchair under dim light and incense filling your nostrils as the cool sea breeze linger around you. And soft music plays.

Or Imagine yourself in a crazy party (such as the one I’ll throw next year) with Toney Romera, Hardwell, Avicii, Like Mike, Tiesto, Coldplay and Imagine Dragons playing live….bright crazy lights…mad-high people and Good Vibes and loads of happiness and no worries! And good food and a warm bed waiting to comfort your bone tired body!

Arrividerci (with my sexy resolution list. Its going to BLOW YOUR MIND OFF)


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