Page 365 | 2013


‘Palak palak pe khwaab thi

unhe paane ki chaah thi

Dikhne lagi koi raah mujhe

dhundli ek shaam si.

Kuch paaya, kuch khoya

Par aakhir mein aisa lag raha hai

Ki woh Zindagi hi kya jisse aapne

Khwaabon pe na gawaaiyi ho

A whole year passed by setting my life ablaze with a myriad of experiences, tastes, feelings, rushes and god-knows-what-all !

No two days were the same and there were surprises around the corner…pleasant and otherwise. New people enriched my life with new colors while the ones who took my leave, left me with some warm shades of theirs. 

Bounties, parties, frolicking, crying, laughing, hugging,kicking, screaming, hollering, hooting, cussing, kissing, jamming, biking, topping, realizing, singing,breaking, fixing, confusing, playing,burning, dancing, jumping, writing, giggling,climbing high…everything happened and in such brief splashes that my pages never had the time to soak them completely…so what’s actually happened is that my life is now a collage of impressions. And trust me, its worth framing!

So now I take a first step of a million more and I made mistakes that I never made before…and he journey so far has been amazing.

2013 has taught me so much and is leaving me so much more mature and grateful. And tougher and stingy when I want to be. I’ve run out of glue sticking memories to my scrapbook. But when I brush through the pages in my head I find myself remembering everything fondly and wishing I could live them back.

Now that 2014 beckons us, I wish you a great Year ahead. Its of course time to party! And I have things planned…ooh, yeah. And within my means 🙂

I see the lights and I smile to myself. Next year is going to be so much more different. And I’m ready for the change. I can already smell the freshness and excitement 😀

Time for the music to blast on my speakers as I clean up my place to get it ready for the New Year and the bright Lights 😀

If you have no one to go crazy happy with, remember this:

‘No one makes you happier but yourself.

Find yourself.

Be happy…because you maybe alone in a crowd, today but not for long. Coz When you’re surrounded by a whole crowd who loves you…you’ll be strong enough to emanate the love you’ll need to make them all feel special 😀

Do write to me if you need some New Year Cheer…sharing is caring right?

Love you all till the moon and back x

Happy New Year with a lot of glitter and love from Me and My Family! Go offline and Party :p



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