Chocolates and More (Halloween Special)


Happy Halloween Folks!

Now you’d expect a post on say funky costumes or Halloween party ideas…well…Miley Cyrus’ Bunny has made headlines so Don’t Do It unless you wanna be a parody…and Halloween parties are easy stuff…just like usual parties except that the chimichangas are filled with human flesh instead of its usual stuff. Kidding. Sorry, Mexicano lovelies.

But seriously…whats’s Halloween without SOME (or bag fulls of) CANDY?

Halloween Candy.

Chocolate…one substance that requires no other quality to fall in love with it but itself. Speaking on behalf of all the chocoholics…or shall I say Candy-Bar-oholics…I’m going to just fill your heads with some yummy chocolate.

Its fun when you’re kids and you get them for free just by knocking at your neighbor’s door. Here in India, Halloween is still a theme or a wallpaper. And a crazy plot theme for RL Stine ,Tim Burton and the rest of them spooky creators just waiting to blow life into Jack O’ Lantern and Frankenstein.

Candy bars are an all-situation solution. They work as gifts, surprises, frenzies, self love, self pit, anger, forgiveness, love, hate (Lindt has Chilli Flavor, yo), luxury, boredom, etc etc They’re almost like support when you can’t decide what you want. They work best when you need some mood upliftment. Now these are facts we are all well aware of. But you know what tickles my nose?


Oh yes. Candy bars that were introduced a month ago are now priced double…! And that’s outrageous stuff for people who are yet to start earning and are busy spending time working in College.

Taking one of my latest sweethearts … Cadbury Perk Glucose. It came into the market as a Rs 2 chocolate…then double back for Rs 5…then they merged the two bars and sold it for a long time at the same price. And suddenly they release it again..halved in the same package…’Now 2 in 1’…um hello? Wasn’t it like this before? 

What did they do a month ago? They made it 10 bucks! Earlier each Rs 5 pack weighed 17 grams…now this new one is just 30g…so we pay double yet get 4 g less. that’s cheating Cadbury. And don’t you think we haven’t noticed your recent whooping price rise. Its atrocious especially when we love you so much and are your ardent fans…!


Well, enough ranting! I just hope some one gave me a bag full of candies for Halloween…but its almost ending as the Fist Sunrise of November awaits. Winter’s Come, people. Its ti e you threw away excuses…stopped giving cold shoulders and broke the ice with friends and family ..mingled, had fun…this is your Hall Pass to getting back together with those whom you’ve missed. Be spirited…laugh a little, love a little…and drink some Bloody Punches and hog rolls of tootsies!

Enjoy Halloween and have a good time 🙂 Let your imagination come to life and act like you don’t care (responsibly, please)

Make the most of your day.

Happy halloween

Also wishing my youngest cousin Alisha a very Happy First Birthday…you lucky sweetheart…your birthday parties will always be the best of all! Bless you. Love you x

Happy halloween 🎃Ghost hug?

Love Always,


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