A Dose Of Happiness

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No, its not water pollution or floods that I’m going to write about. Its Life, that was your first guess? Uh, fine.

So, the smooth patches in life are the best when we’re listening to our favorite band, sitting in our living room surrounded by family while we text friends who care for us. Wow, picture perfect in golden light.

But what of those days when its totally dark…you can only feel precious and delicate things getting crushed by the steps you take while you step on them because you can’t see anymore? 

Those days when you have no clue what the Holy Hummer is happening to you. When something or someone you cared for more than your life is taken away. When you’ve lost a limb or broken a limb. When your sister needs your dire help but you’re miles apart. When your friend has gotten into an accident and you can’t even reach out to him. When whatever you say or do is only pushing someone away because misunderstanding clogs your relationship. When you don’t know how you’re going to pay your next meal. Or when you’re caught doing something you weren’t supposed to. Or when you’re guilty as hell and repent every move. Or you’re just plain sad. Or you miss somebody you wish was here to see how awesome your life has become. Or when a  douche is hurting you. My God, there are miseries in people’s lives. And yes, I don’t really believe the ‘Everything happens for a reason’ saying. 

What I do believe is,

‘You’re never given more than what you can handle’

Believe it or not. Sometimes you’re not as weak or helpless as you feel you are. I understand you’re going through a really rough patch but trust me…its not irreparable. Please believe me. There is another door and its right around the corner. You just have to stand up and walk towards it. And guess what? You can do it.

loved it

We all have trifles in our beautiful lives. Some address them, some sweep it under the carpets, some deny them, some drown themselves into them or some become violent or hurt themselves.

You decide upon your category. You do not have to make this decision now or even the next few days. But that day when your demons come haunting for you to make you unhappy or rob you of your glee, is not far away. So listen to me. Its time…you deserve to be happy, to redeem yourself. Your loss was what it was. Do not abandon the good in it but don’t let it hold you back. Remember things fondly as much as you can. Grow as a human. Love 🙂


I always say this, ‘Its not your burden to bear’

Nor do you have to feel overtly bad for anyone,

‘They wrought it upon themselves…knowingly or not’

Happiness just ignites more of itself in your life ! 

Its your choice. Take baby steps into the future. One day at a time until you can walk free. Think about what made you happy in the past…things someone said, a certain feeling, an experience, love…anything. Anchor yourself to it. Fly High.


Love always,




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