The Fake Nincompoops : Understanding People : Take #1

Fake peopleThere are some people that are so humble that they awaken a sense of warmth and appreciation in you just by standing before you or patting your back. And then there are those sly people who are not even literate (deeper meaning) enough to read this post. The sad part is the latter ones rule our world. Now, you see, God loves playing games. Won’t we, if we created half a dozen billion mannequins which can breathe, dance and swear? Ranting has recently become like my thing because the life I live makes it really hard for me to get it out. And on twitter I’m afraid of losing followers while Facebook is filled with jobless, prying people who want to stick their silicon noses in your life. 

Sad but true

So, I chose my own blog. Now the thing is, here, if you’re bored you’ll just skip through to another article and I don’t have to give a penny about you being judgmental. Why I worry about what another person thinks of me…is a question I very sincerely avoid. Anyway. 

These shallow ones, as I’d like to refer to them are scheming souls who just can’t give it a rest. God either gives them fortune they can’t handle, amazing parents they don’t deserve or beauty that they take advantage of. 

Now this could purely be my tainted perception and I request you to discontinue reading if you believe it is so.



I know people who actually despise the world around them but would throw sweet smiles and delicate words (accompanied by delicate movements like they’re made of china)…and that is annoying because somehow, my life experience (short as it may be, rich it is) makes me see through and through and I feel like saying, ‘Whatever. Save it for your boyfriend’

Then there are those who are just rough-edged. They pretend to be all fancy…but Holy Pariahs!…are they missing a few lego blocks in their brain! They don’t know the difference between being rude and courteousness. They pretend to speak in English sweetly but they hardly know how to complete the sentences they start. Humble is not close to their forte. They’re too proud to realize.

Next are the hyped ones. Actually they’re nothing but equivalent to bimbos but their clever minds work only to get stuff outta people, use them and dispose them off. The world believes them because they have a pretty smile or a few cute photographs. And they recognize people who don’t fall for their roadshow. And trust you me, it annoys them that their facade doesn’t fool all. But do they stop? No. They continue. What they don’t know is shallow seas can’t harbor ships. They’ll only attract beach boys during summer who’ll come to play with them and then walk off to their cozy homes. If you get the innuendo.

I almost hate speaking about these people sans innuendos.

Oh and the next category is the fugly and bold…these people suck at being themselves and have an inferiority complex so huge that it could sink their party ship. So, they act all loud and harsh so people fear them, if not love them. But when an actual shark strikes them, they turn into foam. Literally. I’ve seen it.

Now I don’t hate these people. But they’ve been stealing my sunshine by roaming around me like piranhas. Living away from home with a budget, work loads, career building, hopes and dreams has its own set of challenges that are making you stronger. But when these foolhardy , dumbfounded and silicon people get sprinkled in your life…you require extra oxygen and green trees. And a good walk. And music. I suggest Green is The Color- Pink Floyd ; Face of Melinda- Opeth and Ludovico Einaudi or Antonio Pinto’s composition. Paul Collier, too.

We all live among these people and they’ve had their share in bringing us down at times. But we need to learn to give them back…by being ourselves…by being happy…by being grateful about the great stuff we got going for us and Ignoring these small people. They don’t exist so long as you pay no heed to their whimsical ways. 

I really needed this post to get me happy.

If it has offended you in any way then know that, dear Reader you’re falling in that category or are already deep-rooted in it. Its not good and its never too late to throw the costume, wash the excesses and relax under the sunshine. But if you  want to carry on, then please do leave us peaceful souls alone as we have higher agendas. 

So people, be patient. Do not hate on them…you may rant…but don’t hate. They know not what they’re doing to themselves.

Arrividerci. Love always.



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