When you’re sho…

When you’re short of breath because of all the effort you put in, and they laugh at you…you should only work harder. Because when you’re done, they won’t have anything to laugh about. And you will Prevail.

For everyone who feels shy to jog at the park.


3 thoughts on “When you’re sho…”

  1. Dear Ms. Shreya Sudesh,

    I am really impressed by your writing style and above all selection of relevant and catchy topic for the same. Frankly speaking I am eagerly waiting for your new post to come. I read every piece of your writing very enthusiastically and utterly enjoying it. I have been reading so far but no comment, no feedback from my side. I thought I must extol your initiative and your taste for writing. This honest and sincere comment is to ignite you to write more and more so that we can enjoy your piece of writing. The following points I really appreciate in your pieces of writing:

    1. Selection of your topic to pen down

    2. Personal touch

    3. Truthfulness and intellectual honesty

    4. Style of your language and selection of diction (I like your language very mcuh)

    5. Your writing is informal without load of scholarly jargons which makes the reader more interested in you

    6. You write in carefree way, though you are very careful, making your piece very effective

    as per my perceptions above points are as true as I can be. Thanks

    With lots of regards



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