Celebration Time Workout

So exams just got over…you may not think of four exams- Theory of Structures, Building Services, Climatology and History of Architecture…as a big deal. But be warned. It’s not. It requires undivided attention, rote-learning, diagram practicing and NUMERICAL…No I don’t have a math-phobia ( or whatever appropriate term is to be used)…but the relief we students felt walking out of the Exam Hall (our own Studio 2) is unimaginable. The rest of the day was ours to exploit. And we had umpteen number of ideas. But a an Architecture student, if you don’t have a scheming-planning mind that won’t give you a break…then you’ll have a hard time. So my friends and I decided to go supplies shopping…the usual mill board, fevicol and cartridge sheets trips! Of course we stopped by the Super Mart and I picked out Cholesterol Free (time will tell) Khakras…where I was appalled to know you get Jaljeera flavored khakra (its an Indian…Gujarati snack to be more specific)…but I [played safe with Methi. You know, when the money in your pocket is but an allowance and not yours to splurge…you play safe. Safe is warm, cozy and well…safe.

ANYWAY…coming back to *freedom*…we shopped a bit and then crashed into our rooms. I was tired enough to sleep all day. But my friends thought otherwise. And that’s why you need friends and hostel life. They were all set for a jog in the park. Lethargy is this big fat mosquito sucking up your energy ALL the time if you allow it to. And it asked me to decline their invitation to the park (yes, they offered as soon as they saw my harried self walk out of the elevator with my shopping stuff)…

But thank God I had The Second Thought after declining…and suddenly I found myself calling out to them to wait for me; run up to my closet, grab my tracks (its PUMA, BTW…my first Puma apparel and I’m proud :p ), my shoes (NIKE…basically Nike means Rafa Nadal to me and he’s HELL LOADS of inspiration)…put them on and run to my friends. We started with learning to ignore eerie glances from jobless people sitting in parks with nothing to do but stare at girls who decide to shed some kilos. Yes. weirdos exist…I specially despise the ones who chew pan while the ogle at you. Ah! Coming back to the point…

Some quick stretches and then we split into two batches…me being part of the well, jog-run-walk batch…and the nxt one hour was filled with exploring the whole place while I muscles burned! Haha…it seems tough at the beginning, strenuos while you’re at it and Killer awesome when you’re doing your cooling down stretches and your skin is glowing while you actually feel refreshed.

Working out is not all metal dumb bells and pschyo machines and whacky postures. Its just about feeling good while you do the right kind of work out…be it a cardio or a run…or Yoga…you need to feel good and be in a position to do it GAIN without any excuses cropping up in your head.

This little work out party was followed by an episode of Modern Family and then…Fukrey (its a movie) with my friends, in my room. My room is like a mini flat so you can just crash onto the bed and do as you like. 

We’re gonna make his  REGULAR THING. At least Kuku and me are. Inshallah 🙂


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