A Sheepish Try At A Come-back

In my crazy Moments when Sticking Out my tongue feels better than Shouting!

Inactive since forever could be my new tagline when it comes to Blogging. Unfortunately or otherwise the same cannot be said about my Facebook account which enjoys my unfailing devotion. And twitter, that gets a peck every now and then. You’d wonder why (but you ruddy well know the answer). Laziness. Its the root cause for a plethora of things. My messy room, 10k+ unread emails, commitments (now these I keep up with as best I can)…

It doesn’t speak very highly of my Professional upkeep when I reveal such closet-secrets. But seriously, some public exposure acts like some kind of closure for me…when things are going Topsy-turvy. Allow me to attack you with a Cliche that I’ve fallen in love with (no, its not a line from Pride and Prejudice)….’College does that to you’

What is the THAT is relative to the person attacking you with IT. For me its mere survival and kicking procrastination while I squat inside my frat-like hostel room. Why Frat-like? Well, because I threw away my metal bed that resembled a rickety bus…and am soon disposing the study table, too because I’m  getting a fold-able Drafting Table. Now to all those people who aint related to Architecture, this may sound quite posh. Trust me you…its an everyday house-old Item for most of the Architects until and unless their Office provides them with a better option. 

Now, when Dad and I were doing a thorough (and when I say thorough, I mean thorough) research on Laptops I imagined myself typing away my ideas 24/7 and completing novel after novel, essay after essay…like one of those factory belts Henry Ford brought into the Industrial World. I thought my Productivity Graph would experience a (precedent) hike. But what happened?

Within the first month of my laptop entering my life…I hoarded it with Architectural Software that I may/may not use until 8th semester (I’m in 3rd, right now)…a myriad of movies ranging from Perks of Being a Wallflower and Pride & Prejudice (Delightful ones) to Saving Private Ryan and the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (the serious/gore-filled/hard core action) types. And between these are a hundred more. And I’m not even kidding. To add to the list are Full Seasons of The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family (officially addicted), The Black Adder, House MD (yet to watch), etc etc and addicting games like SIMS and some time management games that have been haunting me since Middle School…I’m getting Diablo and COD: Modern Warfare 2, soon.

I’m sure my Dad is going to read this post but, hey, he already kind of foresaw this. Good news is, I don’t find time to get glued to them except odd-weekends that we don’t get. (Yes, we have Sunday classes because our Professor hails from Distant Lands that are 60 km away from us).

Ooh I’ve got better at Ranting, haven’t I ? No? Well, I discovered (if I may) a new word today and posted my genial work on Twitter : Rant + Tell = Rell-ing

You can hereby throw tomatoes at me. 

Well, I have brighter…more awesome news…but because this post is getting too long and those with reading disorders must have already started seeing dinosaurs and dragon-flies popping off the page…I’m going to cut you lovelies some slack. So until I get my so-called numb (not nimble) fingers to work again…see you later…

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