Respect and Lecturers

One thing I’ve noticed after entering Architectural School is that, whenever some celebrated Architect like Ar Rafiq Azam or Ar Sanjay Mohe arrive, we students go all Gaga over them. And when they give presentations and speeches, we watch them, starry eyed, awestruck by every thing they say and take down notes like its Gospel. And yes, what happens in those sessions is Golden.

But when we greet our Lecturers who also happen to be Architects….some well known while the others maintained a low key…this enthusiasm vanishes. We dont take them as seriously. And kids get all restless….just waiting to rush out or pass notes around, etc.

Why? I understand that the faculty may have not reached the same pedestal as others, but they’ve been through the same rigorous process. And what they say affects the prospects of us qualifying for the degree. You can only be a good and certified Architect if you first pass your Archi School and get the degree. So why not give them their share of respect.

I’ve seen teachers lose their cool over instances where boys were sketching random stuff during the lecture. Why does that happen? It almost surprises students as to why the teacher fired bazookas.

Well its not that hard to understand. I mean, this person has travelled all this way and prepared for a certain lecture and is trying his or her best to deliver a proper lecture that kids understand. And trust me, its not that easy. And of course they deserve respect. And certain things we do make them feel like we dont give a damn to what theyre saying and that triggers the outburst.

I know it was a very small topic to take for today but I felt this very strongly at class today. Yes, we had class on sunday. And its part of the regular schedule. Welcome to our life.

On other fronts, Ive given my room a complete facelift and its more homely now. So good.

Arrividerci x

love always,

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