Sense Of Accomplishment

Procrastination, thou art a bitch.
We’ve all been there and done that. Made sticky notes, spent time planning and making liss or cleaning up stuff or preparing for it, forever. But we never really strt doing the main chore. And thats because we keep running away from it in our head, dropping silly excuses on the way.

Anyway, the trick is not to scold oneself or reprimand our sense of timing or laziness. The answer in imagining how we’d feel when the wprk would be done! And then, DO IT RIGHT AWAY without a moment’s thought.

For example, I had this long to do list waiting for my attention but I keep putting barriers between us until I had no more sly excuses left. So whenI actually got to doing all that stuff and ticking them off my list….thesense of accomplishment I felt was well, inexplicable. Try it.

One thing at a time and the pile of work will clear out. Like Jane fonda says, in between work outs, ‘Breathe…smile! Yeah!’

Everything is in our hand. And all else just swims in our head. Clean the pool. Have a nice day x


love always,


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