Oye September! A short summary of all the juju !

Its been loooong since I last posted and yes, yet again I, going to cut myself some slack due to all the College activities!

First of all, let me introduce you to NASA – National Architecture Students’ Assciation. Im part of it. And so are most of the Architecture Students in our country.

They hold all these fests, conferences and meets. And ZoNASA is one amongst them. Our Zone, thats Z5 brings together Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Goa etc . There are a plethora of events and presentations plus workshops where we students go Gung Ho!

The Overall Winners get The Trophy!

And Im damnnn proud to announce that we, School of Architecture, SIT WON!


To add to the gravy,I got the Special Mention – Journalism Trophy and my senior Shivani bagged the Photography Trophy. It was Group Effort at the end of the day and now it feels awesome. Z513 can be tattooed on my arm…Im that proud 🙂


Yea thats me in a , um, victory pose.

And the second news…I got a New Laptop!! An awesome HP Pavillion M4 ! And Im so grateful to Dad for that coz we need it. Its image quality is sexy and so is its performance and because this is not a tech blog (yet) Im not going to spill anymore beans!


Next…My new Single Room is a babe! And it has an awesome Hill View ..at dusk, you can see the whole town light up and beads of light moving on the highway. Spectacular!


Also, our college hosted this 5 day extravaganza for architecture folk. Everything from Paper Presentations, book launches, thesis awards NIASA to an Alumni Meet!
I personally enjoyed the awesome After Party at DD Hills, though. Haha.
Got to meet amazing Architects like Ar sathya Prakash Varanasi (my favourite human) , Ar Shashi Bhooshan, Ar Shirish Behri, Ar Rafiq Azam, Ar Ayan Sen, Ar Ujjan Ghosh,  Ar Shilpa Ranade, Ar Rajesh Ranganath and Ar Sanjay Mohe besides our own esteemed Alumni.
We were all starry eyed looking  at all these people! Great minds who’ve delivered amazing designs.

Also there was this explorative workshop by Ar Rafiq Azam from Shatotto Architects, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

*Sun and Soil : Being PRAGNA-matic *



So yeah, you can imagine the kind of amazing fun we’ve had!  So thats on the proffessional front… On the more personal front , Mum’s views on personal hygiene education for younger girls have been published by The Hindu
Just a clip:


Then, Thankyou Penguin Inked for the loveliest gift, ever!


And we’ve startef this whenever-ure-free-take-a-walk thing! And yesterday we caught an awesome sight!


So yeah, that kinda sums up the initial excitement of this month. I’ll go into details soon!

Arrividerci 🙂

love always,

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