Independence Day !


PhotoWell, its been 67 years since India made its Tryst with Destiny and at the stroke of midnight while the rest of the world slept, India tasted Freedom forever!

So many millions sacrificed their lives, their wealth, peace, comforts and what-not to help India experience Freedom. And as citizens of India, isn’t it our duty to commemorate this day by becoming more responsible instead of just hoisting flags and giving endless speeches that make no difference until and unless it inspires the mass and motivates them to actually bring about a change.

The Freedom Fighters would have been appalled if they were alive to see the current state of India. Well, of course we have our awesomeness…like we’re pioneers in many fields, we have insurmountable potential and talent and we’ve set examples before the world on many fronts…but then again, there a lot of pit-holes!

No, no I’m not criticizing us. I’m just saying….

It’s time we began caring about where our Nation is going by being conscious about what we are doing and how it’s going to affect others, on a bigger level. No matter what our position is….whether we are Presidents or CEO’s or simple students….or even clerks at an office…we need to be responsible. Put duty first. Follow the virtues of Dharma. And NOT be lethargic and indifferent about our surroundings’

A kudos to all those who have made us proud in the Past. And the deepest gratitude to those who toil everyday to keep the Nation at peace.

Blessed Be. Jai Hind ! Thank You, India!


12 thoughts on “Independence Day !”

      1. We do have Australia Day. It’s the 26th January. There’s usually this huge fireworks that about 250,000 people turn out to watch all across our foreshore. Its so beautiful to watch. Hugs Paula xx


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