Morning Walks


Very often (for me, at least) our minds seem to be clogged with a lot of things, both necessary and unnecessary. Everything from an upcoming book launch to an impending visit to the Market…dances in my little head. Then there are career thoughts…this-that!
Even sleep does not prove to be a safe refuge.

And thats why, against my lazy body’s complaints, I woke up early in the morning to breathe that fresh hour and walk a few miles … filling myself with refreshing thoughts and outlooks!

Feels much better when you are done with the thinking about things part and actually begin doing it.

A morning walk can really give you a new perspective on things that are bothering you. So get up and get going !

love always,

2 thoughts on “Morning Walks”

  1. Hello Shreya!

    I agree, I love walking. Younger I hated it. Lol As I’ve got older I’ve learned to appreciate mother nature a great deal more. When she’s Happy…I’m Happy! Lol

    Have a great day and thanks again for the follow on my blog. Hugs Paula xxx


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