Happy Announcements !

Hey y’all, I know I’ve been posting all these moral articles, lately. Well, I have new stuff in store. I promise. Suggestions are always welcome. Not only do I love your comments, emails and reblogs…I also love it when people ask me to write about a certain topic.

And if you’re on twitter, we can tweet up : @shreyatweetsyou 

Alright, now for some sweet news :

14,000+ views REACHED!

All thanks to you guys…my patient readers, lovely friends, fellow bloggers and supportive parents. Okay, fine, I’m not going to write an oscar-accepting speech.

I’ve also won the Karma Contest hosted by Penguin Inked 🙂

And the Inked team did this, special and posted it on Twitter. Thanks, y’all 🙂



The Homing Pigeons’ Art The Heart Contest:

Also The Tales Pensieve ‘s featured author Sid Bahri selected my entry as one of the winners 😀


So, I’m pretty excited about the books that they’re going to send 🙂

Currently I’m reading two novels at a time … and I shall be posting their reviews soon. Keep writing to me, feels really nice 🙂

Hope you’re well!

Until next time, Arrividerci ! 


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