Self Importance


I was not born
To stand to up to your
Expectations and Dreams
Or hopes, as such

If you’re not
My parents or the reason
Behind my successes
You have no say in this

Im not here to
Make you happy
By stepping on
My fragile pride

Dont expect me
To put a smile
On your Face
By biting my own lips

Goodwill and self sacrifice
Are two different things
Separated by a mere
Strand of Choice

Let me remain
On the side that
Makes sure I don’t
Sleep teary-eyed.

So, well-wisher
I accept your remarks
But the judgment
Is left to my terms.

Despite the fact that
I do like you as a Person
I just cant let you
Affect my emotions.

You dont know
What Im going through
Nor do you have to
Learn about it…

Self Importance is a
Basic necessity in your
Character and Priorities,
Dear Reader.

Dont mistake it for
Narcissism or Pride
Just self-love
And Respect for Oneself…

Shreya =)


14 thoughts on “Self Importance”

  1. I am just a prose reader!!! To feel a poem was an impossible to me! You made it possible. Second your proesy is so touchy. It really touch to the reader. otherwise people just type yaar adorable, superb, and loved it…I actually enjoyed your humor.


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