Feeling like a Misfit? Oh Oh -_- Dont.

As we speak (so to say), I’m working on my Architectural Brain-child…a break-through in Contemporary Architecture…

Well, I wish I could open my post like that, today. Not just yet. I’m still a student, so without further ado…let’s jump into the topic.

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They have a stash of designer tops that probably cost a fortune and skinny jeans that you’ll never fit into (irrespective of the number of chips and ice-cream packs you give up).

But they’re ruling the world. They’re the ones getting asked out to free meals at awesome places (as a hosteler that counts BIG time…especially when the rotis or round-flat unleavened bread taste like rubber)…they get to click sesky pics in clubs wearing the minis and pumps….while you’re dancing to Pearly-Dewdrop’ Drops in your room and reading Perks Of Being A Wallflower, Mein Kampf or Inferno OR watching basketball or playing COD…or whatever you do instead of going out and clubbing.

While they make it to the page 3…and manage to click pics with hot-shots…and eventually become one…you’re worried sick over your term papers and attendance percentages…student loans, rents, etc…

The truth is that we, the youth are the ones who have stereotyped ourselves into all these ‘groups’…the party-goers, the sports-champs, the Plastics (no I don’t have to watch Mean Girls to know the term), nerds-bookworms, chupe rustam, crazy freaks, goths, emos…etc!

Don’t live up to your stereotypes.

Sherman Alexie

The truth is that we are all just the same…at a very basal level. Frustrated at not being treated like adults at the same time wanting to enjoy childhood but with the responsibility of making something out of ourselves, searching for the significant other while everyone else around us is getting hitched while we count sea-shells on the sea-shore. We all want to be famous, talked about, liked, hated (trust me some people actually like being the dark-mysterious-twisted kind). We all act like we are Bob Marleys and Avril Lavignes at some point of time. I find that facade so childish. Be yourself.

A friend (a senior whom I respect  lot for her wisdom) once said to me,

‘Do you know that not being like so many people actually set you worlds apart? And that, my dear, is why we are still talking (she’s passed out of college now)… 

Advertising our lives on social networks, pouring our emo-juices on the virtual scene because no one understands us is not a solution. Too many expectations, distractions, failures,fun, dreams, problems, jealousies, hurts, consequences…and what not. And instead of spending quality time with our family we are busy texting classmates and friends on whatsapp while we dine with the people who actually give a shit about us, love us and have brought us up…funded our needs and wants and so much more. I, myself forget my responsibility towards them. And trust me, it hurts them when they see us texting while they arrange the breakfast table for a family meal. It hurts them that we wont come out of our rooms in the evening, avoid family outings because our friends want to go for a movie! Let’s not make these mistakes and show some gratitude. Earn to reciprocate…if not willfully, at least to make them smile.

We are young…and highly Volatile and inflammable and thus, the best target for Commercial Biggies to invest upon…most shopping-websites, movie productions, advertisements, activists, politicians, musicians, artists…and just about anyone who wants to sell their products …focus (or should I say ‘set their target’) on us…the Youth, the future, who can easily be won over because they get impressed too easily. Because they love being ‘updated’…and trendy. Because the future is another faraway dimension and we’re living in the now. I roll my eyes at our attitude, sometimes. And when our elders (those who are actually concerned about us but just don’t know how to put it across) ask us about our falling grades, broken curfews and habits…we get infuriated, feel misunderstood, abused and imagine ourselves in the place of pitiful characters and indulge in self-pity, write angry poems, act nonchalant, do stuff we are not supposed to and act rebellious. Like that’s gonna help.

Some gain from it. Like they really work damn hard and become great people in whichever field they choose. Some just land up as drunkards and druggies clicking pictures in imported cameras, listening to popular music, waste themselves…blame the society, fall in love, get cheated and well come back home or end up in jail. I was talking about extreme cases. Some believe in the following to feel free… :

546692_401053003259741_907912103_n.jpg (500×375)Society | via Tumblr Perfect | via Tumblr

So yeah, we feel like misfits right now. Because some people get us and some don’t. We may or may not get along with course-mates and colleagues…we may or may not impress our bosses and clientele…but that’s not the end of the world. We may not resemble the highly dashing guy in the Woodlands ad (for men) or the pretty models in Garnier ads! We may not be able to eat Italian while the sun sets and go crazy at super-markets or rent a resort in Botswana’s wilderness…just yet. Nothing comes so easy.

photography | Tumblr Tumblr | via Tumblr PARIS IS ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA ∞ | via Tumblr

This is just a phase. Its not gonna last forever…these hardships and alien feelings are gonna soon get over…all we need to do is WORK towards it.

Instead of blaming the world….my Dad wasn’t supportive or My Mum never cared…my brother over-shadowed me, the girls in my class are too high-headed, the guys are douches or my teacher knows shit…all useless rants that no one’s got time to listen to because everyone is headed somewhere…and so are YOU.

Take 100% responsibility of your life, Reader. That’s the first step. I’m not hearing any excuse. If you want it bad, go get it.

And while you’re at it…learn to fit-in. You don’t have to be in a pitiful state acting like a misfit. No one’s an out-lander…the party called life is open to all. And trust me, just forgive the damned people and move on. Like, who’s got the time, right? Live your life and make the people around you feel loved and everything else will fall in place. Just in case you find yourself too startled by life, I’m always there just like you guys are there for me. Whenever I find myself dwindling, I write here, to re-gain focus.Untitled | via Facebook

Nobody wants to disappoint people who have faith in them. But hey, shit happens. Your past is gone. Hold no grudge against yourself. You’ve grown up now…you’ve gained a new perspective…perhaps a new scar. Don’t look at it as a reminder of your past…but as an evidence of a hurdle you crossed to get where you are. Just smile. Much love . Arrividerci

Regret Nothing


4 thoughts on “Feeling like a Misfit? Oh Oh -_- Dont.”

  1. long post but well worth reading! Thanks for the awesome observations. Sadly, a lot of people may not receive the memo. They may be thinking that this post is a target at them instead of wisdom. Be yourself, is the top thing more should be going towards. Figuring that part out is the hard part! Blessings!


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