This one’s for all my regular readers. Though I’m not some really awesome writer with wacky posts, you guys still like my stuff and post encouraging comments.
But I need a reality check. Do y’all actually read through it or simply like it to make my day?

Truly appreciate your efforts and time 🙂
Hope to write better and evolve as a blogger… a long way to go, I know!

Well, vacations keeping me real busy… all the fitness routine (sorta) , my new-found love for contemporary Indian Authors , Comedy Central and sleeping.

Would love it if you guys just commented to let me know where I need to focus when I’m writing.

So much love to you. I guess this is my 174th post… so party !

Love Always
(yeah, I know… I’m a window-flower, okay?)



6 thoughts on “Gratitude”

  1. as a newbie blogger and novice scribbler, i’m afraid i’m still flying by the seat of my pants and in no position to offer advice. but i did want to thank you for liking my poem, encouragement is always appreciated.


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