My Brother’s Wedding – Andaleeb Wajid

The fragrance of fried boondis as they are gently molded into delicious ladoos… the excited banter that fills the air as wedding guests and relatives mingle over a cup of tea… and the sounds of wrapping paper being used to cover expensive ghagras (that cost a fortune) and jewelry. Add a protagonist with a confused love story of her own, family drama, last minute decisions, secrets, emotions, guilt and lust…topped with a BLOG…and you get the recipe somewhat right.

My Brother’s Wedding is a delectable read right from the start. It’s the story of a young girl, Saba whose brother Zohaib is getting married in a month’s time… while she has to focus on her exams, a cute yet crazy love story, secrets that could break all hell loose and trying her best to NOT get married , her self . And to make this all the more interesting, she has all these interesting characters in her life who just can’t catch a  break…like her own elder sister Rabia… ‘ who walked around thinking there were fashion photographers clicking pictures of her every angle and profile.’ And that’s just the beginning. Did I mention the Ultra Hot Uzair, yet? Um, I guess I’ll let you come to it yourself when you read the novel!’

Anyway, this story revolves around how Saba manages all the chimichaga of the wedding and goes through these tumultuous emotions… by writing a blog to maintain her sanity and anonymity. Will she be able to handle herself as the pressure builds up, secrets come undone and things begin to fall-apart or does she succumb to take  a new route, altogether? 

The novel is written in an easy-flowing manner that makes it really enjoyable. There are moments of humor that your funny bones would surely relish. Also, I love the details with which the author describes everything… right from the wedding preparations, the shopping sessions at Commercial Street as well as the ‘catch-your-breath’ moments. Also, there are steamy scenes. Now just because its not her wedding, it does not mean that the protagonist doesn’t have her share of lovey-dovey, crazy-with-passion moments. The novel also very aptly portrays how traditions meet our modern system…how they may come in the way of the new generation… and also, how these values actually enhance the newbies’ lives and bring stability into them.

Published by Rupa Publications, this book is now available at all leading bookstores and online, too 🙂 Tell me how you like it !

Arrividerci !


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