Hope To Love You


There is a world
Where you exist
And I do, too

Where the Sun
Warms our hearts
And the rain
Cleanses our soul.

Where I dont
Have to think
Twice, to tell you
I love you.

Where you’ll
Reciprocate with a
Tender smile and
A warm glance.

But in this world
Our minds our
Clouded and Hearts
Curtained, too densely.

Judgment gets
The better of us
And rationality
Drains away.

True emotions have
Lost their value
And Greed has
Paved its way.

Now I bid Good Night
To you, with
Nothing more
To say.

When actually my
Heart wants to
Pour itself out
In One way or another.

With silent smiles
We bid adieu
And wait for
Another day.

I dont know
What you’re thinking
Or If you think, at all,
Of me.

But Hope is made of
A certain strong essence,
Try as hard as you may,
It never fades away….


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