An Ode To An Amazing Dad !

Papa, this one’s for You


I stumble, I fall.
And when I can’t catch up
With the World ,
I crawl.

Sometimes life can be like flash floods. Catching you off guard and leaving you devastated.When your hopes and dreams crash and you feel like you’re in a bottomless well. And your guilt knows its all your doing! Procrastination can be the reason to a lot of your defeats. No Sunshine.

Its in those times that you realise the Value of the One man who’s the anchor to your kite-like life… the one person who never gives up on you no matter what and always comes up with Plan B and Plan C when you bungle up Plan A , flabbergastingly. Dad.

Papa, you’re the one who’s seen me grow from a chubby, fair dumpling who talked too much, loved sitting on your bike’s tank, stole food, broke her head by falling off a wall, threw tantrums, danced onstage on Corps. Day, drew birthday cards for you…… into a person who now writes her own poetry, spends the money you earn to buy materials for Homes she’s designed, who’s grown enough to Travel on her own in public trains (haha!) ..and who pesters you with phone calls for every small thing and who never likes to share you with anyone else…!

You’re the only one whom she actually listens to.

Youre the Only person who can find out that Im happy/ Excited/ sad/ dejected /screwed up my exam/ ran away from hostel to Blore/Or sleeping instead of studying…… with my voice in the phone. I can never fool you (except when I plan intricately..haha!).

The only person who can read me like a map and know exactly how deep in water, I am or how thick a soup of I cooked out of my life. One of the only people who are genuinely happy with my success. And also the only one who has the authority to kick me back to my senses!

And who always motivates me to write and design and be the best i can be. Who takes me on the bike for entrance exams, our favorite Hanuman Temple and the Brigade Building I love. The only one who stops the bike so I can click pics of buildings from my iPod. Youre the only one who hunts my size clothes tirelessly so I can wear it for my stage performances. And buy huuuuge books as and when I ask.

Inspiration and Motivation can work wonders in one’s life. And only a Parent can give you that.

No matter how badly I fall, Papa’s always there with the Ushoo Stern look…which then melts away into a protective Father who’s already working out a new stratagem in his genius brain to bring me up, back again.

Papa, its in times when regret clouds over one’s life that we remember all the things we’ve lost in our life. I realise now, the oppurtunities I missed and how you always make it seem like nothing and present me with a plethora of new choices.

I wouldn’t be a per cent of whatever I am if not for your tireless efforts at motivating me,calculatively thinking and guiding me! Even now you’re seeing so many dreams for me. And I only hope I can work and get them to come true. Because Im tired of chasing pavements that lead nowhere and now I think Its Finally time I do something for real. And Im glad you’ll be with me to keep me for making me mistakes and taking wrong turns.

You’re a genius like no other. And people hardly mention it even when they know it. So today, this post is all about You. Because I wanna show how much I appreciate your presence in my life!

You make me so proud. Every single moment. My heart swells with pride when I introduce you to my colleagues and friends. To see how revered you are. And I know the reason behind it is just You. Your relentless efforts to raise yourself impeccably has made US (Rhea and Me) possible.

You’ll always be our first Super Hero.

And you’ve always been and will continue to be the first person I share my success, joy and sadness with. You’ll always be the first person on my Speed Dial. Forever.

I still remember how you bought a box of 48 Faber Castell crayons when I xompeted for a dance competition on Corps. Day in Bhopal (anticipating that if I lose,I’ll breakdown) and ….I won, and ended up with Two boxes of crayons. I’ll never forget that concern. You’ve done so many million things like that, its almost surreal ๐Ÿ™‚ Sometimes I wish to revisit my Childhood so we could all spend those Golden Times again ๐Ÿ™‚

Because I love you the most and the only person i trust and confide in , wholeheartedly. You make us a better person. Gratitude is all I have to offer. So proud of you, Papa.

And I love You even though I dont say it. Im not a very emotional person, you know that.
Hope to make you as proud as you make me.
And become a better person and get my To Do list in order AND become fitter. Hehe ๐Ÿ™‚

Love you always Dad ๐Ÿ™‚


10 thoughts on “An Ode To An Amazing Dad !”

  1. Thanks a lot Shreya. You and Rhea are both adorable Daughters.I love you both.Thanks a ton for all those lovely praise for me.I am flattered.You can count on me come what may.


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