Life And Strife

When life throws lemons at you, freeze them into hard balls and throw them at all the evils in you… procrastination, lethargy, lack of confidence, etc:- You know the flaws. Attack them. Coz as long as they still reside within you, you will be rendered a useless person. Thats because you’ll never be at your best and produce mediocre results.

Its not only about showing results. Its about Self Improvment. The Zeal to Change and not stagnate like a water lily in a well!

Its within you, all that potential!

James Van Praagh says,

“When we were born, everything we need to fulfill our soul’s plan in this lifetime is burried deep within our souls. Everything you want to know is already within you.”

So what are you waiting for? Its time you answer your Calling.

Arrividerci :’)


6 thoughts on “Life And Strife”

  1. I Think that everyone who don’t know or haven’t; should stop and really put some deep thought about themselves. Let us ask ourselves, (what kind of person am I). Most of us know whether or not we are the type who procrastinate, who are lazy, or just not motivated enough to get up and get out and go get what we want in life. We want the good life but just not motivated to make a change.
    I really like this post because it’s a reminder and it’s inspirational for me, I’m the type of person who has motivation, I do put forth the effort to try and make a better life for myself and my family, I just need to focus on and stay focus on keeping that motivation hot and alive at all times and stop being three times out of the week motivated, I need to be motivated 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and it’s post like this that reminds me of what I need to do.


    1. Thomas,
      What you said is so strue. We all have the motivation and desire to succeed but sometimes we lack focus or procrastinate.
      And we can change this 🙂

      I do wish you all the best in life ! And Im glad my post inspired you 🙂 Arrividerci !


  2. shreya :’) , I am so thankful to you for inspiring me and helping me figure out something I was stuck up in. I have chosen a course that needs me to be focused and motivated and this post definitely hyas motivated me! Thank you so much ! awaiting to see many more. Keep up the good work!


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