Leaving Home

431127_331503180234272_107814965936429_924445_1934781323_n_largeNostalgia hits me as Soul Outside (composed by Antonio Pinto) plays and I type in perhaps my last post from my darling desktop, for this month. I’ll be back home, in June. Until then…

Home is where the heart is… and my Heart is where my family is… where I have memories that I relish. To sleep in my room where I grew up bests every other palatial residence you’d ever provide to me. My Home is my base zero. Its where I come to rejuvenate and de-stress. The world may go haywire… but if Im home surrounded by the people I love, I know its going to be okay.

But College is my other reality and it awaits me. My heart is still stuck here. Yet, I need to make my decision. I’ve filled up my Jar of Hope and Cans of Love… ready to face the world.


Come what may, I’m prepared to face it. Its time the puzzle pieces start falling in place… and the map that was once bleak begins to appear clearly. Its time Destiny unravels itself to me. And I’m ready.

Gratitude is all I have to offer. And Greatness is all Im going to accept.

Just have to be strong. So, I pray Im able to do justice to my work and dharma… to reach where I will reach…


Thank You



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