Priorities and Such


There comes a time (more than once in a lifetime, actually) in everyone’s life when they have to scale down their dreams, weigh their success rate, map their previous glories, write down what matters more to them and chart out their priorities.

And when you’re done with that… there comes the hard trial of decosion making. Your past holds hardly no credit now. All you’ve earned may be gambled for a loss, your credentials may fade away or strengthen (depends) And these decisions tear you apart. You could be a lead vocalist in a leading metal core band that is about to step up from a garage band to a proffesional mega mammoth or… you may be part of an elite soceity or a club you love being in…but your future goal impedes your attending their events. Or you love spending hours potting plants or sketching masterpieces or recording songs or baking…anything!

Your Higher goals require you to silence your creativity and jump into a burrow of hard work where your skills can go to sleep and only your brain needs to grasp stuff.

Basically, choices in our life come in the way of things we like to do… and that cannot be helped. You may me remarked upon, judged (misjudged) , laughed upon or abused…. but well, that’s not your concern. They only see that half of you that’s slacking away from something you showed great interest in, earlier. So they know naught what brought about this sudden change in your attitude towards something you so cherished doing or at least looked foward to do.

You need to prioritise your life, measure what holds more importance.

You cant satisfy everybody.
You cannot tear at the seams just yet.

You have a friggin destination you gotta reach.

You have to prove something to yourself . This world gains nothing (unless you’re aiming for wildlife protection or global fiscal issues, etc) and thus its NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS TO WORRY ABOUT WHAT ANYONE THINKS ABOUT YOU.

With time, one can hope for people to understand if not agree with your choices.

This is not all, sometimes there are a plethora of personal issues that cloud over your oppurtunities. It could be your health, unhealthy addictions, family issues, pressures, unprecedented fiascos, lack of support, monetary pitholes , emotional backlogs, superstitious bullpoopie (oh yes!) , unavoidable duties, work burdens, peer pressure, PROCRASTINATION (That filthy habit) …

Escapism is not an option. Atleast not for most of us. Well that is for foolhardy cowards , anyway. You gotta face life, squarely… pull yourself up from whatever ditch you have so successfully landed yourself into , dust yourself and get back on the highway.

There ain’t no soul who’s going to wait on you (even if they sincerely say so… come on, be practical, please)

Well if you have a rock solid support… perhaps a die hard friend, a loved one who’s gonna pat your shoulder, hug you or whisper kind words of motivation and appreciation… or simply distract you from the rat race of a life we in… then you can consider yourself a little luckier than us other souls. Value it.

For those of us who rely on that little heart, the size of our fist, for hope, inspiration, ass-kickings, love and pain… just calm down. You do not need any support if you’re self sufficient. And another person can ONLY motivate you…not do the job for you (depends).

So live . Laugh. Hope. Dream. But with priorities.

Regret, guilt and spite are the things you want to stay away from… forever. So work on that facet of life and you’ll rock your own world. All the best, mate. Work while you can 🙂

These rough times wont last too long. This, too, shall pass. All we have to make sure is that Sweet Success awaits us at the other end.



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