The Peace In Strange Companionship


Its a rather cloudy afternoon and I can see the branches of the trees outside my window sway to the hum of the breeze. My roommate has disappeared yet again. Perhaps because she is mortified I caught her clicking a self pic by looking at a mini mirror (atop a pile of books, before her) instead of studying for her exam (that’s tomorrow). Well, I was reading the Immortals Of Meluha by Amish (finally!!) so she thought I wont look sideways but I did and had to bite my lips shut to control my laughter.

So anyway, in my solitude, as I decided whether to study or work on my project… I noticed a medium built monkey with almost human-like grace…slide down via the pipe , hang onto the Chajja (sun shade) and perch itself lithely on the niche  before my window grills. At first it surveyed the (rather disarrayed) interiors of my room with his bead-like, brown, searching eyes….then it leisurely scratched itself… keeping an eye out for me just in case I tried to shoo it away. But I was watching.

I usually get irritated or freaked out coz these monkeys really act crazy..but this one was peaceful and meant no harm. Just silently let itself doze off, leaning against the grills, its nimble fingers grasping a grill and its small head resting on them.

Few moments of co existence in peace. No judgements. Just silence. I felt kind of warm towards it. Like it was a friend. My highly crazy imagination wanted to believe we had been companions in a past life and that it knew we were from the Past while I tried “figuring” it out. Well, I have nothing to say about that.

Just that, it accompanied me in my solitude and watching it sleep was somehow too damn calming. And as I was writing the initial paragraphs, it woke up , looked at me… put its’s hand inside , touched the curtain and leaped onto the pipe, outside and disappeared.

Sometimes you feel a certain peaceful companionship that you cant explain but it leaves you with a tingling and warm feeling 🙂

This was one of those 🙂



3 thoughts on “The Peace In Strange Companionship”

  1. I read this early in the morning just after I woke up and found it oddly peaceful…thanks for penning this unique little story! Started my day out right!


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