Resistance. Reselience. Resolute.
Life is all about it
– Self Quote

Think clear. Don’t let your emotions come between you and the right decisions in life.

For example, you wanna attend this college event just to see a nice friend or someone you may have a thing for… and on the other hand, you have a Design Project submission the next morning. Your “emotions” will bubble up and overflow, your wonky sixth sense will go on an overdrive and your special whoever will text you AT THE SAME MOMENT as when you thought of him/her. Thing is, they never left your mind. So obviously you think its telepathy. Or maybe it is.
Anyway, your better judgment and tinker bell of a conscience will point towards your college bus which will take you back home.

Or, you have this hep movie on your weekend to – do list but you also promised to take your mum to a certain place. You know which one stands higher in your planner don’t you?

Laundry or Skyping buddies. TV or grocery list. Cleaning or napping. Excercise or yapping. Studying or sleeping. We can go on, can’t we?

Humans tend to get so damn confused that they finally give up and in hope of starting all over …ditch both options, instead and choose a completely different option. You have a choice to do what is right and what FEELS right to you at THAT point.

And then you wonder why the lady with the weird skirt got a pay rise and you didn’t or why your neighbour became the Soceity President or shy your friend’s grades are better than yours, etc?

But when you have to choose between buddies and work… I know it can be difficult to come to a consensus. The human mind is programmed to choose the “easy way out” or the “more fun” alternative.

My rebutal to that, “Good does not come easy” .. Architect Navanath Kannade’s (My Design Proffessor) words. An experienced mastermind he is.

Trust your judgment. People you like are gonna understand your commitment towards work. Infact, appreciate it. So don’t be a dumbass and leave everything to meet friends or hang out.

Learn to think straight. You may be wrong at times. But its okay, you’re just learning the art of making the right decisions so its okay if you splash and scribble a bit.

Just make sure you get what you plan, done. Hurt no one. Make priorities. You don’t wanna spiral down, do you?

One last quote for you and for me :

Don’t give up what you want MOST for what you want NOW!

Arrividerci 🙂


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