How to avoid that Crush (and eventually fall for it)


“If you talk about a person a LOT , you tend to fall for them”

No Im not throwing a blase fact upon you. Its true. I’ve experienced it and so have you. Accept it. Basically, you tend to talk more about people you like and well, think about it more and eventually … you start “believing” you have a thing for them when it may be otherwise, ponder about it like a jobless fool and blab it out to the person… and splash a pale of water on the amazing friendship you shared. Bazinga.

So, if you think you’re falling for someone you MAY not get or isn’t likely going to be yours… you should stop blabbering about them. That should help. Dont alienate them. Just maintain a little distance until you’ve crossed the Sirens (greek myth ones) and are back into the open sea.

You never want to lose that best of yours if you think you can’t get back something more valuable (i.e a higher pedestal in their lives)

Think right. Act smart. Don’t be a loon and regret it all your life. Move on, buddy 🙂

Arrividerci :’)


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