Growing Up Too Fast??


In this world, where your popularity is measured by the number of likes on your profile picture or your friends’ circle depends on how many club parties you get guestlisted into… No exaggeration…his is what it has all come down to.

Nowadays a kid thinks he would me be more “accepted into the soceity” if he carries a smartphone (which does not even fit in his baggy pockets) , girls feel comfortable only if they resemble chic trendsetters who come on TV. Your clothes size matters more than your grades or anything else.

I still remember 8th grade when we would run outside to play hide ‘n’ seek, seven stones and other get-roasted-under-the-sun-in-the-playground games. But nowadays, teachers catch kids playing truth or dare, a game I discovered well after, 8th grade, at least. And no it did not contain questions like… choose the hottest male proffessor in the school. God, no way. But nowadays, its become a sick joke. Little crushes are treated like Prince Charmings. And every little girl who’s not even crossed 13 imagines herself as a (platonic, according to me) Bella , waiting for her Edward to rescue her from her mundane life.

The guys arena has changed in ways, that now, they enjoy FIFA on gaming consoles more than, on the fields. They spend thousands on eateries… gone are the days of Krishna stealing Homemade “makhan”…or Dennis the Menace gobbling cookies from the jar… kids nowadays prefer chicken wings and Maharaja Macs. With Pepsi. Damn the waiter if he forgets that.

Kids who haven’t learnt basic BODMAS now use digital calculators on their phones for elementary math. I see WALL E’s story coming true. Oh good lord. And did I mention the craze for WWE aka wrestling games? When my 24 year old friend says he’s enjoying lunch with a couple of friends over WWE, I think to myself…”Guys,” aad chuckle. But when my brothers aged 4 and 9 holler at each other whether Triple H rocks or Batista or John Cena… and slam flashy gaming cards at each other, I feel like Im getting a migrain!

Where are the good old pokemon and digimon days? Uh. I don’t even want to know whether they notice the scarcely clad females who flutter around those steroid (overdrive) fuelled beasts. Oh, last I remember my friends and I fought over GI Joe’s (free with Pepsodent) and Hotwheels Racing Cars. And Claw and Davd were cooler than Call Of Duty and Counter Strike (for kids, at least). I mean how many 5+ kids play Purble Place? Have they even been introduced to the Talking Dog Frankie from Jumpstart First Grade or Madeleine??

Now, social networking. Im utterly surprised to see my sister’s kiddy classmates with (oh my god) fancy names (that freak me out) sending me friend requests.
“XYZ Rulezzz” , ” BrOKENHEARTED XYZ” , “jagz da Cool” … the ghettos , punks, emos and goths would ridicule them at their immature and (hopefully) innocent attempts at appearing swag.

Im not even going to elaborate over the fact that little girls aged 9 or 10 tweet stuff like, “OMG! Look at JB shirtless…my ovaries just exploded” . Yeah, I was as shell shocked.

Im not blaming anyone, here. Stars, TV Serials and Gaming Shows cant restrict their viewership except flash warnings like, “Parental Guidance Adviced” , “Parental Supervision Adviced”, “May contain Explicit Content” etc.

Oh and by the way , “Do not try this at home” is such a hoax. It only fuels the kids to go all the more crazy and jump off bunker beds and land blows at each other coz they “lost their cool”.

Parents NEED to keep  quality control. There is no need to BAN them from TV but at least TALK IT OUT with them because there is way to much exposure and for some reason, it can’t be censored all the time… and thus, its even more necessary that the parents step-in and take a little charge or at least tip their Nannies to do so. You cant’t allow kids to fly around like kites abd later breakdown that they’ve gone out of control. They’re your kids, nieces, nephews, grandchildren and wards. Its your responsibility to show them what you learnt. The good stuff… that majes them happy. We need to bring back the Harry Potter and Winx Club days. We need to show them the dalmatians, the Disney Magic, Neverland, Narnia and other glorious stuff. Help them think out of the box, imagine, wonder and smile. Only Doraemon and Ben 10 wont do! They need to find their light in the right avenues. Don’t load them with lessons. Let them choose whether they want to go for horse riding or ballet or simply sketch lighthouses or grow roses in the front yard or play hopscotch! Show them places where they can experience a little more than home and school. Zoos, theme parks and Recreation Centres offer a plethora of exhibits just for young ones to go crazy on PURE GOID STUFF! Awaken the Adventurer in them 🙂 Help them see the best in everything !

Show them why they need to like brocolli and not lie about brushing before bed or escaping from gym classes. Use fairies, angels and sprites to help you. Don’t instil fear…teach by example. Replace the “monster under your bed” with the friendly Casper!

Im not saying, make them righteous, roo good to be true kids. Let them be naughty, its ojay. Point is, let them be kids and savour their childhood instead of growing up before their time!

Let them be Peter Pans and Pocahontas or Mulan and Kuzco. Let them dance around like elves in the tree house. Let them read out magical Enid Blyton tales to each other and believe that their toys come to life at night and host tea parties. That Enchanted Woods with Faraway trees do exist, that transport you to Magical lands like Topsy Turvy Land or the Land Of Rhymes. Make them love their nature and understand life and nurturing. Let them help you grow a kitchen garden. You have no idea how healthy a bond you could create by spending just a little time with them. Help them grow up 🙂

Teach them the magic of colouring and doodling on paper, decorating their house  for christmas. Have pillow fights, baking parties, swimming outings, cycling marathons. Tell them bed time stories. Make them feel lived. Pack lunch for them instead of giving them lunch money. Help them get less dependent on all that artificial intelligence they are exposed to do. Make them feel home as they are supposed to 🙂

So do what you have to and re-introduce chikdhood to your lil ones before its too late 🙂

Arrividerci 🙂


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