No crap. Happy Life.


And you realise you were running behind useless things and worthless people. Wasteful.
Now its time you dump that crap. NOW.

Its time to put all that brought you down, behind you and start afresh. I keep saying this because we all make mistakes and we make them repeatedly. Fret not. To err is in the Human Nature. But that does not mean you keep “errrr-ing” like a defective DVD in a player!

Missed goals, humongous mayhaps, broken (or screwed up) relationships, mistrust, mistakes, hurts, grudges, lost dreams, unachievable targets (personally I think, that’s impossible, still) , bruises that need healing, irreparable *not realky) losses, the departed loved ones, hard recovery, relapses, etc etc etc…..
These things, though actually pretty LITTLE in the greater scheme of things , are cancerous (not medically) but psychologically. They get stuck to your conscience and remain there.

The mistake most people do is… they don’t let go. Everybody knows the drill… “Forgive. Forget” but there is also a LET GO. Its simple to understand it this way. You find a certain file useless, so you delete it. But this does not mean its left your system irretrievably. It can get restored anytime via the Recycle Bin. Yes?  To completely get rid of it, you need to delete it EVEN from the Bin. (Im talking basic computers, if there are more techy aspects, kindly ignore them)

Your conscience is The Bin . So until and unless you LET GO of the hurt and memories, the UNWANTED file/ pain is gonna make your conscience its haunt and grow into a tumour. In other words, cause you more agony and become a hurdle in your path to moving on, towards a better life.

You need to work on clearing the blocks in life to enter the flow. How to do that? Simple. Meditate. Write about it. If its a really bad incident, go to a therapist or pschycologist. Talk to trustworthy and WISE people. Im stressing on wise. If you have loving parents, confide in them. Trust me, there is no one else who loves you and wishes the best for you, than them (and if you dont believe this, Im sorry). Nothing wrong in confiding your troubles. But make sure you clean it off. Dont let it become a virus. Work on it.

Never be bitter about it. Use sarcastic humor to let off the steam as most authors do, in their memoirs or autobios. Just get it off your system. Drink beetroot squash if you have to. Hehe.

Once that’s done you’re open to a vareity of amazing options in your life without any holdfast or Ghosts of the Past. If any third party nuisance tries to get at you. Deal with it calmly. And boldly. Its like Gollum in LOTR. Seemingly harmless to some and highly capricious to others (perceptions) but CERTAINLY NOT UNDEFEATABLE. Even these obstacles actually help you in a way. There is always a Reason for certain occurences. Okay?

Coming back to our topic…No cranky, squirmy or idiotic thing can shake you. BELIEVE in yourself. You’re stronger than you think. Damn those who hurt you. Dont let them hang out in your life. Its YOURS for a reason. Go figure. Trust me, its not worth it.

DO NOT be a pushover or emotional basketcase. I do not want that for my Readers. Be strong. This is stuff you’ve read over and over again but you and I both know that you’ve hardly dealt with these issues. Stop flapping your hands in the water… learn the smooth strokes… swim! Yes? Just smile and be happy, dammit 🙂

You’re entitled to a life full of AMAZING. Just amazing. No second word.

Stop complaining 🙂 Live your life ! I love you loads 🙂

Arrividerci :’)

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