Valentine’s Day 2013

Well, you know its valentine’s day when your facebook timeline is overflowing with red hearts, candies, teddies and cakes (yes, that too) ! Im not gonna talk about the honey dripping stuff that this day is all about (or how the world projects it to be) …

Im gonna swerve around the amazing things people like Singles do!

Some weirdly funny tweets and quotes I’ve come across :
“While Couples are dating… singles are updating (statuses) “
“Its funny how chocolates can make your clothes shrink”
“While today is Valentine’s Day, for some of us its just a Thursday”
#RosesAreRedVioletsAreBlue I’ve stalked you everyday, can I get a kiss from you? (LOL)
#RARVAB I love food more that you
#RARVAB You may not know this, But I’ve fallen for you!

Gosh there are so many of em πŸ˜€

So instead of Candle Lit Dinners or special priced cocktails at Mocha… I chose to go out to a decent dinner with a bunch of my besties from class, and as usual, we ended up at The Meridien where they wanted to try some Chicken Saate or something. I just went for the vibes, laughter and memory so I settled with seeing them hog as I clicked pics πŸ˜‰ Also, I had gobbled Pani Puris earlier, that evening so doo woops.

As for Valentine Greetings… I got wished by close buds and some other distant besties… well, some dint even know I danced a jig to a jingle when they sent it to me! Perhaps i may like one of them. Never mind that.

But the best part was the text replies I got from my parents :* Okay this is not some usual sugary story. I was just so overcome by this sense of love towards my folks that I couldn’t help but send them this long long text about how much I love them because they’ve been the ones to love me selflessly and unconditionally since the very beginning and I know for sure that they’re going to continue loving me no matter what!
And to me, Vday is all about LOVE. NO CONDITIONS ATTACHED.

Anyone who means something to you, whom you love in any respect deserves to be wished Vday with a MANDATORY I Love You! (Only if you do) Its not about the price of the Guess watch or the fragrance of the roses… but the true, die-hard feeling of love. Dont feel shy or awkward. Just say it… to your besties, your favourite teacher, your darling sibling, your gran! Just bout anyone who makes you feel loved πŸ™‚

Its more about gratitude and a promise, to those you love that you’re gonna be there for them not because you expect them to return the favour, but because you love them, unconditionally πŸ™‚


If you’re still weeping because your friend gets to go on a date to a movie or posh diner with a hottie …while you update statuses and read lovey dovey quotes… THEN I think you’ve lost it completely and need to get your pieces together!

First of all, stop blaming Stuipid Cupid …poor thing has been trying to poke people since day one but what he doesn’t realise is that Aphrodite stuck his arrow to the golden bow with fevi quick! (Lame, okay).

Moreover, its basically just another usual day except that most people get an open window to ask people out without being worried about bruises due to slippers, drinks being splashed on their faces or handling people passing out of shock!

And its also an amazing day for Retailers and Hotels… as their Special Sales and Custom Menus must be ripping off customers at the speed of sound (if not light)

Also, Jazz bars get to play something happy instead of the usual people drowning in agony and pain.

Etcetera Etcetera.

You’re never alone as long as you can close your eyes and think of 3 people who you wanna hug just NOW , not because they are hot celebs but because you LOVE them despite the distances and other bull crap.

So drop your frown and turn it upside down πŸ™‚

Let the rainbow colours shine upon your soul and may you get to sneak into a huge chocolate store and gorge upon yummy delights πŸ˜‰

You dont know what the future holds for you, right? Dont doubt it. Whatever happens, happens for a reason and damn, its always right πŸ™‚

So chill out…enjoy your sweet life, hope for the best, slog hard at work and sing! Perhaps next year, we’d run into each other with our dates? Hehe. Quirky me.
You know I love you, my Reader :’)
Happy Valentine’s Day πŸ™‚

If you still feel a lil outta place or lonely, I’ve got something for you…

“Those who dwell among the beauties
And Mysteries Of The Earth,
Are never alone or weary of live”

Remember this…Β Β 


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