Doing What I Do

I do what i do and I know my actions have consequences. But whatever they may be, Im ready to take these chances to live my life to the fullest.
My lil adventures will lead me to my own destinations. And I shall be happy that I made it possible through sheer will and hope 🙂

Sometimes, things get a little too hard, or my thoughts muddle up…or the future begins to seem bleak and cloudy…or my past glories don’t seem so fabulous, anymore. These are the times, I expect myself to torch away all the doubt and emerge from the flames as a new human, confident and ready to face what life throws at me. Reminds me of phoenixes, now that’s pretty gorgeous.

If not for these ups and downs; the perpetual need of making oneself feel worthy of good stuff and mood swings (how could I forget that?) , life would seem rather mundane and tasteless. It seems unfair … but we all know it. We were born in this world to do more than just visit disneyland, try all the doughnuts at MOD and play Counter Strike and Sims all day.

I know it feels ( just right) to sit on your couch and watch TV the whole day…especially if its BBT or some other grossing sitcom. But you and I both know that life is much more than just dipping into guilty pleasures.

You have to work for a purpose to make the cut… make it large. So that one fine day, you don’t regret your past. Do not leave things to fate. If you’ve still not realised the fact that you write your own destiny, then Im sorry, but in a very Sheldon Cooper tone I’d say, “I see no hope for a lesser mind like you. I pity your state of indifference and worthlessness”

A bit too harsh? Did that sting? Ah well, Dr Cooper does that to me.

We have to be a little firm with ourselves every now and then or we’d spiral down into a void of nothingness. Not simething particularly eventful, I’d say.

So get all pepped up with your favourite songs, make that perfect agenda andget started with your life… kick anyone who says, “Just chill, you only live once.” Because their definition of choking up on beers and dancing to lousy music in greasy pubs is NOT what you want. Or do you? Uh, make your decision … ! We can do this. You oly dream of things you can actually achieve. That’s what Jack Canfield said.

Well, hoping you’re having an amazing week, I shall sign off now hoping to see you soon (not) at the same time, (not) the same day next week on your favourite blog (maybe)…(and yes I know Im not hosting SNL for such a goodbye, hehe) !

Arrividerci :’)


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