Live Life, Our Style ;)

ImageMaybe its the fact that I’ve turned 18 or I have all these crazy friends who party all night in different clubs and pubs all over Bangalore at Dawn Thomas parties…or maybe because that’s what my generation enjoys besides watching Big Bang Theory, fighting over football clubs, grazing at Malls, whatsapping each other to death, befriending new people at social networking sites no matter how bizarre they are or staying up at 4:00 AM under the pretext of assignments when they are actually chilling with friends… or biking,photography, experimenting with new dishes, dating random people, travelling short distances and checking in at Foursquare with special cheats, taking weird pics and Instagramming them…or the basic… listen to music and react as though you are at the MSG Arena at a HUGE-O-WAR concert  playing the best House or Trance !


We 1990’s kids are geniuses at this stuff. You may not find any of the above productive at all. Well, in our defense,with a sarcastic sneer,there is a lot of stress we deal with…managing expenditures, tackling the erroneous friends’ atmosphere, travelling between college and home, living away from our sanctuary, adjusting to the choices our parents make for us or even, themselves…

We get inspired by catchy music and actors in flashy movies. We love living a free-willed life! Like a new wave generation of The Hippie sans the drugs, thank you. We may not wear weird costumes with dangling flowers or run away from home and live in the trunks of a car. No way. We do things in our own way.

We BALANCE. We do all our crazy,wacky and tacky shit and then attend college the next morning like regular people. W e ace exams and then party. We have dreams. Big Ones. Of reaching the pinnacle of success in our careers. And we work towards it.Image

The only difference is, we don not let THAT sabotage our life. LIFE…Where we dream, socialize , experiment, laugh, love, smile, cry, get stronger, experience and mad.

We do HUGE things without making too much noise except on our facebook and twitter pages. We break records, create new ones. We think before we act. We take it slow in a chilled out manner instead of torching buses and carts. We hold candles and paint walls. We believe in bring about a difference without splitting ourselves into two.

We believe not in much hue and cry.

We believe in giving it a try!


So blame us not if you are a little jealous of our good-natured hill-billiness 😉ImageWe know our responsibilities, we are making our own mistakes knowing that when theparty gets over and shit hits the fan…IF that happens…we’d be the only people to blame and not someone else. We take our risks. We pay for it and reap benefits too.

So instead of thinking of us critically…just sit back and enjoy the fun. And we have this unique age-no-bar policy, where fellow open minded and decent crowd is welcome.

ImageIts all about living your life, earning your bread, collecting pretty memories, meeting the right people, loving the deserving and finding your true light and following your dreams. You got it? Whoa, join the club. You didn’t get it? Relax. Start Over 🙂


Just smile coz you have one life to live. If you can balance your prioprities…there is no harm in relaxing a bit as long as its not too wrong. The soceity can go to hell. They don’t come to your rescue when you’re broke, pained, hurt, dying or crying. So why care about them when you’re glowing with joy ??Ba7tnhecqaahgpj_large

JUST BE HAPPY. And all else will fall into place!

Until then, Arrividerci :* 



2 thoughts on “Live Life, Our Style ;)”

  1. Indeed! we can now manage multiple aspects of life and need not sacrifice one for the other. Older people are not comfortable with that. They want one colour at a time when we want mosaic.


    1. Thats true 🙂 Some are really open minded but the others resist the changes we are bringing about… they cant be blamed, either. Their secure world is now changing… but they’ll begin to trust us, gradually 🙂


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