Bazinga … The BBT Fever


So when people first told me about the Big Bang Theory, I mistook it to be just another sitcom like Friends or Simpsons… and I was ignorant for about half a year.

Only when my Semester ended yesterday and I came back to the hostel … and watched my friend’s collection of BBT did I realize what I had been missing. And since then, I have been more or less hooked to it. More likely, um, addicted. Like I’ve watched more than 20 episodes already and I just cant take breaks unless they are ’emergency’ situations or quintessential to my survival. You get the idea.

69618_394227594002354_2139124844_n_largeMaybe its because of the string of similarities I’ve drawn between Sheldon Cooper (one of the main characters) and myself…and that was well, flabbergasting at first but to come to think of it now, I’m not too surprised. I mean, all of us think we are better than the others…we all love to talk what’s running in our head but due to social enigmas we shut the ef up and smile instead. Dr Cooper or as he is so fondly called, Dr Wack-a-Doodle… begs o disagree. He shall NOT shut up or bend to the norms of the society  He shall call others ‘lesser minds’ and NOT give a shit to others’ mindless theories because he, and he alone  deserves the tag… genius. Smart won’t do as that means he’s have to lose 90 IQ points. Outrageous.He loves trains and geeky stuff. He believes heads can explode with telepathy and he loves the Kitty Song. He shall not compromise on his SEAT. He will not tolerate people entering his room or touching his food. And if you write on his board. You’re dead. Thank You.

I actually find his stubbornness so cute. I guess that’s what makes us go OMG. And his little trials at being ‘human’ when he tries to listen to Penny’s ranting about income and love; Leonard’s blah blah bout Penny… or when he makes soothing tea after Leonard is all bashed up and just can’t fall asleep. Or how he hides secrets in the most bizarre ways and brings a real cousin who needs rehab just to make Leonard’s excuses REAL. That’s C for cute.

Characters like that are the genius behind the serial. 

The Blonde Monkey… Penny is like the cream in the coffee. Where all these mad physicists and engineer are going bonkers about video games and Star Wars… she brings in the bling and Facepalm moments. She helps balance stuff with her carefree and foolhardy behavior.

Wallowitz (mind the spelling) is like the weird guy who wants to win hearts and what-not. And he has this relentless, tireless attitude towards achieving Love :p And his Modus Operandi are sluggish moves, horrendous pick up lines and glances that would make a female want to throw up on him. And yet when he comes to the rescue , we all go aww.

Raj on the other hand is this straight-forward (next joke please)boy from India with parents who skype endlessly… he has this phobia towards pretty women…he can’t speak before them unless he’s drunk with the Green Grasshopper! 

Leonard or Lenard… is the poor heart broken roommate who has to put up with Sheldon’s antiques and believe me you, that is no easy task. You’d rather get run over by a vespa. It takes years of Jedi Patience and Experience to overcome the hurdles of living with a braniac like Shenny :pTumblr_mg6vftnmec1ry5yyko1_500_large


Point is the timings are perfect, the plots are mad and the actors are crazy. Must Watch, Nothing else to say 😀

Arrividerci ! I love you, Sheldon. Someone tell him that !couple | Tumblr


3 thoughts on “Bazinga … The BBT Fever”

  1. I also did not watch the show during my college days. Somehow on one destined night last month with nothing to do (as it has been happening for 25 years) I watched an episode of season 5. Needless to say I have seen all 6 seasons since then and in the process have not even checked my blog. BBT rocks big time 🙂


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