Christmas :)

So yeah, I know you’ve all been reading my not-so-gleeful posts in the recent past and wondering whether the little girl would ever climb out of the well she unknowingly dived into. Fret not, I exist in parallel dimensions when it comes to emotions. Like I may be chewing my nails over a seriously childish text I may have sent to the person who’s my object of adoration but at the same time… my mind would be thinking up how I’ll get to college on time for theatre practices….or whether I could drop by The Super Mart and pick up slme feel good items… *guilty pleasures*

This is the last week of my first semester… and unlike other good kids who are busy completing their work… I choose to stay in my hostel tweeting and writing stuff…and eating my friends’ heads.

Im soundng like a seriously stubborn kid, aren’t I ? Well its because its taking this girl some time to come to terms with certain things… when you really want something badly… coz you feel its irreplacable but you can see that you may not get it… you start to act wonkily … pondering how you could get what you like so much. And its not an Alienware laptop or ponchus from Jammu that you can put it on your birthday wishlist either.

Alas you have to live with the facts and put away the little sketches you had made  of the future in a cardboard box in the attic 🙂

Now Christmas just went by, in fact, everybody is still jingling in the afterglow of amazing feasts, wine, frolic and cherished moments with loved ones. So its the best thing I can write about.

Thankfully, I was on the brighter side of the financial scale this week so I could indulge in a little cake and some yummy treats. And yes, it includes my Pepsi.

After winding up my day’s work… I snuggled up in my bed with my comforters and switched on my tab for the Movie Night. Now now, I had to do something to stay awake until midnight, yes? Of course it was a bit of a lonely christmas. But remember folks, times never remain the same…maybe next year Im singing carols at the top of my voice at the Westminster Abbey and then  party at the Hard Rock Cafe in London (if there is one) or I don’t mind flying to NYC and shop at the Fifth Avenue. No issues, bud.

So yes… movie time 😀

I have like some 30 movies to choose from ranging from Mission Impossible 4 to Your Highness. In the end I settled for James and the Giant Peach (an animated movie based upon the novel by Roald Dahl…what an amazing author :’) ) …
This is one of my childhood favourites ! The way James escapes tyranny… and faces his worst fears just with sheer will and the power of imaginations makes me smile even to this day. And I love the “My name is James” song performed by Paul Terry and Drew Harrah. Beautiful.

And then because I wanted to laugh my lungs and intestines out…. Hangover Part 2!! Needless to say its one of the craziest movies EVER … ! My favourite scenes being ALL of Stu’s reactions every time shit hit the fan like when Chow drops dead initially or Phil gets shot. But the best scene is when they are chased by the Russian Mafia for the monkey and a Pig bursts on Stu’s face.DAMN.

And then there was some cake , a few texts and calls before I dozed off to sleep … wishing Santa gets me what I want 😀

So how was your Xmas?? 🙂


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