Sometimes your life seems to be so happy… glittering with joy but then suddenly, in your carefree manner you fall… and you just can’t seem to know whether it was meant to happen or is this some cruel game of Fate.

Nevertheless, the joy fades away turning into a dark and cloudy (usually I love clouds but right now Im scared of liking anything)…
You seem lost…and your sense of judgement lies in pieces because you have lost something too precious for words. Only happy memories are left but they’re like pieces of crystal…they prick and bleed. The happier the memory, sharper the crystal… more is the pain

And you lock your room, turn off the lights, close the window, turn your phone to silent mode and creep up under your blanket, play the most painful Adele and Blues and try to fall asleep as your eyes turn weak and warm tears trickle down from the sides of your closed eyes. But you can’t even move your hands to wipe them off. And somewhere in your chest you feel a certain hurt that cant be described. As what you hoped for is an impossibility. Your dream turned intoma mirage…then a puff of clouds….thin mist and eventually popped out of existence.

And sleep, that lil leprechaun just wont come when you most need it! And your minds strays off in all possible directions. And you’re too hurt n in such a state of lousy self pity that you dont wanna do your homework or assignments…

Clueless about the future, wanting to make rash decisions , wanting to erase memories, numbers, pictures etc but unable to…

Just Chasing Pavements that lead no where.
A lil glimpse of hope but you think its a trick your teary eyes are playing…

And dusk approaches… and you just feel numb with every passing second. So hard . No can do. Life has ups and downs. They say you need to move on and nothing is permanent but change, itself.

So just light a lamp in your heart to warm it and be happy that you at least you had the chance of experiencing the joy you did.



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