Saying Goodbyes

Just last Sunday, I packed up my stuff and travelled home…. how this week passed by so quickly remains a mystery to me. And yet it is abittersweet parting as I’m excited to go back to Uni and resume my drama and music practices… not to forget, Architectural Classes too. Haha. No, they’re part of the awesomness too.



Though I’ve made somecreally cool new friends, I just realised last night, that my heart still lay with the old ones. We went bowling and then for some Frappe tk Coffeetales.

I have a whole gang from high school and we hang out whenever possible and its always good coz we got the awesomest Jester Twins who can’t stop pulling everyone’s legs… The other guys who laugh and shout… girls who are so close to me. Its just another section of my family.

And then there is another little part….Vish and Shruti…. they’re like everything you can ask for… literally. Frank, sarcastuc, experienced, wise (somewhat) and ya, a lot of common interests except the Chivas, Dunhill etc part of which i don’t have a clue. Any techie trouble!… Vishal will solvd it. But why I really love ghese two is that they never “judge” me and I can share withthem, trouble them, laugh at them and be sure that I’d be slapped but never backstabbed. Lol.

So thag was friends. Not been able to get in touch with many!

Coming back … Im sure gonna miss my family, creature comforts that oly homes can provide, sleeping next to teeny meeny cousins, having home cooked food, TV, DELL XPS 8300, ohhhhh!

But you have to keep moving, right??

So yeah.

Im updating my playlist and movie collection. Will leave post lunch …. reach bangalore at 8pm…. spend the rest of the weekend there and leave for Tumkur on Sunday…. probably afternoon. And then I’ll have exactly 1 day to complete my homework, clean my Jurassic Park of a Room and Wash loads of clothes.

Muhaha 😉



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