I’m Back :D

It’s been really long,  I know, but then again. . Times have been busy. Adjusting to a new place,  College,  work, people and most importantly FOOD!

Right now I’m in class surrounded by people cutting thermocol, laughing and talking. . Having a good time 🙂

While I’m listening to “Broken Angel ” by Arash and Helena…
Not so lonely. . I just distance myself from people a bit. I just learned the meaning of silence and solitude and the bliss associated with them 🙂

I’ve been selected for the VTU Fest Western Vocals and I’m the youngest ever SITian representing the college for vocals 😀

Also, I’m part of “Black Pearl “…. The Drama Troupe 🙂

Made loads of new friends and this helps me cope up with my unsocial tendencies towards some characters in class….

Oh and don’t I just love talking to like minded souls 🙂

We had two tests yet and they’ve gone pretty awesome 🙂 Internal Exams begin on 18th! And then. .. HOME!!!

The thought of going home makes me happy m/ Really miss my folks :’)

As of now, I’m sleepy but have class in 10 mins.
Life XD


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