1st Week Of Hostel


Yeah, so I’d gone to dhop for some supplies to one of the Streets in Tumkur and I was flabbergasted (to say the least) to see the Cullen Clan staring at me (minus Bella :p)  !
I’m sure the store owners have no clue who those beautiful creatures are!

Anyways the past week has been pretty good. . My parents visited to lessen my homesickness (not that Im too homesick)  but still whenever they leave I get sentimental and avoid going back to my room. The last thing I want the other girls to see is my vulnerability.  Which is a very teeny quotient yet it exists nevertheless.

College has been pretty awesome. . Crazy even 😀 All we do is THINK,  ASL, CREATE, improve and enjoy (to the core) … The students in my Class are like really fun. ..

Also Im pretty bright and I whole heartedly enjoy every bit of work!! And everybody respects me quite a bit for my work and I LOVE it!!!

Appy, Lamisha,  Prakriti,  Aishwarya… Are some of the girls I gel well with. Especially Prakriti 🙂 She’s like so humble and we have so many common interests. . Doesn’t feel like she’s from another country or anything! 

As for guys. . Ashraya (Nepal) ,  Siddharth, Arjun., Wasi are some of the guys I’ve spoken to. And they’re pretty decent and courteous. . And fun, lol!  Siddharth keeps laughing all the time… And we laugh at Him!

The campus is swaggy as you have seen. .. Yet,  one more click

The Archi Balcony

So yeah…
Hostel is great. . Though funny stuff happens I’m still good here…

Makeshift Clothesline
Coffee Mug - A Gift 😉

Right now, Everything is working out perfectly except my writing but Im sure I’ll find a slot for it,  too…

“Baby you’re a firework, Make your colors burst


.. Make em go ah ah as u shoot across the sky!
Boom boom… Even brighter than the moon!
Its always been inside you!”

So now, time for dinner… Though I’m not sure what there’ll be…

Oh and loads of love to you! Just learned there is a real purpose behind even the smallest thibg… And people you may be fond of a Lot (friend or family)  can be someone completely different.

Also guys are pretty complicated and shot temepered. . Ya, two guys got into this fight coz they felt they angered me because of each other.. Petty reason!

  Also, you’re an independent entity and your decisions make the most significant  differencesin your life.  Doesn’t hurt to be wise 🙂

Ah.. Ttyl dinner!

Arrividerci dear Reader!!


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