The Actual Truth :)

For those of you who read my earlier post (this morning) .. I must admit to you that lack of sleep and hare-brained geniuses can rot your Happy Mood !

But now, its back to normal 😉

I’m alone in my room, the other two are out, I can join my gang but I was desperate for some lone time… So I can munch my snacks 😉

College is actually superb because unlike other disciplines,  Architecture is more about practical application than theory calculations !
You get Hands On tasks. . Sketch, create,  debate, analyse, criticise and Learn…

So that’s pretty Fun-filled !

Then, the teachers and Procters are approachable,  well qualified and fun! They’re the opposite of strict…

Especially,  Rupa Mahesh ma’am whose an awesome artist and teacher and has been in SIT since the conception of the Architecture Branch in SIT. Our HOD herself is her student 😀

She interacted with us. . And found out that Im a poet /writer. .

So in the next class,  she had me read out Stolen By Your Love in class… The winning poem from British Council !

As of now, I’ve made new friends and we are having a blast!! Lol

But I have to keep in mind that I have a pile of clothes to wash this weekend. .. Phew!

In the bus,  now,  so talk to you later..

Arrividerci 🙂


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