Day 2 : At The Hostel :)


So, its the eve before my Freshers Party and I just can’t seem to fall asleep. .. Because, there were monkeys hanging outside my window in the evening and that frightened me quite honestly. . Coz I’m alone in my room and stuff could mess up if they found their way in! Also, I was missing my Late Grandma. . How proud she’d be to see me attend University! She used to say, “You’ll come up in flying colors” … And I will always keep those lines close to my heart… So today was fun, went to the College with a couple of friends, checked out the gym and all… Shopped temporary supplies and headed straight back for lunch.. which was pretty okay. Met up with fellow architecture students. . Their NRIs as well so that’s nice and they’re sweet 🙂 Mum, Dad and Rhea will be visiting me tomorrow and that makes me oh so happy! Let’s see what the Orientation Program and Party bring forth in my life… Nighters, y’all. Arrividerci xoxo


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