Right Now In Class

To think of  it ai could complain all day. . That I have to kill my sleep to catch a bath stall,  adjust with a (sorry but its true)  timid girl who can’t understand English!

Then that the Jerk is the cutest in class (not interested in anyone, no ThankYou)  .. And girls are so flirty n air-headed like the actual typical fools in serials.. And are pretty fake… While sone need DEOSPRAY! :/

While there is nothing to do during free hours. . Despite the college is awesome. ..

And everybody speaks in Kannada. . Crytic sheez…. And the only girl friendly with me HATES hindi…

Waiting for our History Of Architecture Sir to arrive…

PS: Most ppl make funny (annoying)  internal noises even while texting.

Obviously,  Im in a bad mood despite a good hair-day! Will return with a more jovial version tomorrow 🙂



Awesome place…


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