What’s Love? Lessons from Step Up 2 <3


People ask me, what’s your idea of love and guys… and I’m like, ‘I’m pretty sure I’m straight but otherwise… I haven’t sketched out anything, LOL’

But after watching Step Up 2 like 5 times, already…in the past month, I’m starting to realize, what I want… the speed, the action and the pep! The impossibility…. the defiance…the break-through!

The energy… and its got it all. As for love, its more of WHAT you do that matters… whether its working out, dancing, writing… cooking or even cycling!

Why do people always make love the boy-girl thing? Love is Universal… its passionate… I love music… and that’s inexplicable. You don’t need flowers or endless dramas.

Step Up 2 brings that fierce passion and love together… entwining it with the emotions of two young people who come to understand each other deeply BECAUSE of their LOVE and PASSION for dance… and that’s what I’m talking about 🙂

Love is not the ‘at first sight’ cliche that it used to be! I’s grown up from that. So focus on WHAT you love and your life, and I bet everything else will fall into place.

Arrividerci, amigos 🙂 

salsa scene - step-up-2-the-streets Wallpaper

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