New Beggining : Coming Next !


It’s about time that I pack up and go to bed… as a new life begins tomorrow as the first rays of Sun give birth to a new dawn…

My stuff is all packed up… including the little tit-bits of Nostalgic Memorabilia… my first Designer Pen (Dad’s gift) , my lil’ teddy (I know right) , my special towel, my Ganesha idol , bead-jewellery and the special lipstick box an Aunt from the USA had sent for me (though I’m not much of a make-up person besides the usual Kohl and Sunscreen)…

We catch the earliest Train to Tumkur … so we’ll reach the Hostel by 10:00AM… its this 3-people-sharing space. We get our cupboard, bed and study… so that’s great. I’m pretty excited about decorating the room … meeting amazing new people and THE UNI !

Of course, Architecture has a lot to study but that does not mean it’s gonna be boring. 

The campus is totally amazing… pretty green and modern… so yeah, 

Dad says its just like IIT, so ‘yay!’

But , its a new beginning… a new place. I heard that there are not too many places to hang out but now, my intention  is something serious, so its okay. But its hardly eleven bucks for the train back to Bangalore so I can see my Aunts, Uncles and Cousins…

I’ll update you with more, once I experience it! HOPING for great friends and an awesome time 😀



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