Excitement Bout The Future! :D



At first I was pretty nostalgic about leaving my folks and moving into Uni… every little last moment (so called) seemed precious. I kept wondering how I’d live without these people. , my desktop (love it) , my ROOM, my novels… etc!

I wondered if I’d survive the Independence… whether I’d fit in. how I’d be in my hostel 😮

But as time crept closer… here I am… just 24 hours more for my first night in my Dorm…

I’m listening to my Step Up 2 playlist 😉 … downloading True Blood S05E12… season finale for  adose of hardcore guts and vamps. Just becoming tough. 

My cousins and gran are all asleep as T-Pain plays in my earphones and my laptop screen is my only illumination in this dark-exciting night!

Have to stay up for an hour for True Blood :/ … bzzz.

There’s chocolates n chips for Midnight munching but I’m full with Noodles !

Surprised by the number of people online on my facebook ?! Phew!

Well… this is not some blabbering of an excited soul as she awaits a serial to get downloaded and displays her love for everything awesome about life!

Hoping For The Best… The Awesome Will Find Me!


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